Partners Investment


Securities Trader 
Slovak Republic


PARTNERS INVESTMENTS specializes in the appreciation of savings by investing in stock and bond ETFs. Thanks to the support of modern information systems and intermediaries of our sister company PARTNERS GROUP CZ, PARTNERS INVESTMENTS provides attractive investment solutions for clients, taking into account their individual capabilities and needs. It has been active on the market since August 2019. 

We have covered the requirement of PARTNERS INVESTMENTS for a modern and attractive form of providing financial services using a pair of software products ARBES AMS and AMS-WEB. In cooperation with the business model creators and the IT department, procedures to support financial intermediaries were implemented in the software systems – digital onboarding, automatic investment strategy design (robo-advisory), rebalancing of one-off and regular investments based on model portfolios, fee management, reporting. All this based on the client's defined business objectives.

"The technological core of the company is the ARBES AMS information system. It covers internal asset management, digital support for financial intermediaries and a web application makes information available to our end clients. Digital onboarding allows us to process a larger number of business cases efficiently and with significantly greater accuracy. Our team also appreciates the cooperation with the vendor in production support where requests are handled promptly and flexibly.

Maroš Ovčarik  
Managing Director of PARTNERS INVESTMENTS, o.c.p., a.s., August 2019