We will help you modernize your banking services

We offer our own solutions for core banking. Our experienced team of experts will help you with the implementation of the entire system or its selected parts.

We transform core banking systems from monolithic systems to a microservice architecture with open technologies, containerization ready for deployment to any cloud or client infrastructure. 

Our ARBES core banking system (OBS - Online Banking System) is one of the few full-featured banking solutions on the market that all clients including smaller providers can afford. 

Our banking solution also includes the PTS payment system.

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We offer solutions for the following 

  • Private banks
  • Digital banks
  • Retail banks
  • Credit unions
  • Financial (non-banking) loan companies

We can take of the following needs

core systemy

Core Banking

Robust systems that support all the services of banks and non-bank financial institutions, including regulatory requirements, accounting, reporting and exposed APIs for 3rd parties. Core banking is regularly developed and upgraded while guaranteeing high security based on the strict requirements of international legislation.


Microservice Platform

We have the ARBES DIGITAL PLATFORM available. With its help, we orchestrate, integrate and support surrounding systems and frontend applications. We have MICROSERVICE MODULES ready in it, which efficiently and quickly support business and operational activities. We can easily connect your existing systems.

mikroservisni moduly


Modern web and mobile client applications that can be easily deployed in your environment.


We Make Your IT Better

We have gone through a similar change ourselves, modernizing our own applications based on principles that we can apply to you. We will perform a quick audit, prepare a framework analysis, prepare a proposal for the final architecture and the steps to achieve it, prepare documents for potential tendering procedures or offer you an implementation of our suitable and proven solutions.

vylepsujeme it

We Create Digital Services

We will guide you through the entire process of designing a digital service, from detailed specification to developing the final prototype of the application as it will look for the client or your internal back-office expert. We can also help you with the preparation of documents for possible tendering procedures or offer you the implementation of our proven solutions. Your cooperation and input in defining the digital service will always be essential.


We Develop Customized Solutions

In addition to implementing our products or third-party products, ARBES also focuses on custom development of both backend and frontend client applications and portals for internal users.


Solutions for You

Core system
core system final

A fully open banking system that covers the needs of small and medium-sized financial institutions

Platforma final

A digital platform containing groups of microservice modules such as Banking, General, Investment or Technical modules

frontend final

Universal mobile investment app for retail investors

Core system
core system final
Payment Transaction System is a payment transaction solution connected to clearing systems

We modernize legacy systems

Using different technologies, we convert large monolithic systems into smaller independent microservice modules built on uniform principles and platforms. Each module handles a specific business agenda or operational area.  

Microservice modules can exist independently or work together. This approach has proven successful for us in upgrading our own solutions. Incremental modularization makes it easier to replace legacy systems without the high risks associated with replacing an entire system at once. New modules bring substantial benefits such as: 

  • Simple support for front-end applications
  • Option for standard users to parametrize microservices 
  • Technological and supplier independence 
  • Optimization of solution maintenance and operating costs

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Instant payments in euros (SCT Inst) represent a new era in terms of payments. Consumers continue to expect ever simpler and faster services, available 24/7.


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