Modern leasing companies have to tackle several challenges. It is necessary to continue to improve cost efficiency and speed up internal processes. At the same time, you need to offer your customers and partners the perfect "digital journey." 

Get your back-office and front-office ready for the digital era!


We have solutions for the following

  • Finance and operating car leases
  • Installment plans and providers of special-purpose loans
  • Financing for machinery, manufacturing equipment and transport technology
  • Inventory financing

We will find the right solution for you, whether you are a smaller company looking for a basic "ready to use" solution or a leader addressing E2E connected systems in the cloud.

We can take of the following needs  


Digital Sales and Onboarding 

From the first online quote to the handling of the contract documentation and the possibility of remote acceptance.            
Our solutions aim for a great user experience, while always operating in compliance with applicable legislation (e.g. KYC, AML, etc.).            
Let your customer negotiate in minutes, either online or at your partner's point of sale, and increase your business performance significantly.


More Efficient Scoring and Underwriting

Keep the whole process perfectly under control.             
Connect automatically with external data, registries and your business partners' data and automate most decision-making algorithms for instant application review.             
Provide automated reporting over current and historical business case data and link it to data warehouses. You will always have perfect data at your disposal to make your business decisions!  


Paperless Processes and Digital Signatures

Today's office is paperless. We can help you not only create but also preserve and manage digital documents.            
Today's technology and legislation makes it possible to handle the entire business case digitally. We will use the potential of electronic signatures, biometrics or BANKID for your maximum efficiency.

Partner and Client Portals

Today's customer demands a high degree of comfort and self-service. Reduce the cost of your back office and move most of your communication to a client or partner portal. A modern portal does not stop at issuing contract documentation but also handles active transactions as well as partner commission management.


Partner API and Interconnections

You're not the only one going digital! Be the first choice for dealers and dealerships thanks to your technological edge and readiness to connect! With microservice architecture on our ADP platform, integrating with partners will be a competitive advantage not an IT nightmare.             
Get your service to where end customers make their purchases. You finance where others sell!

Solutions for You

frontend final

Modern front office system for leasing and credit companies

Platforma final

A digital platform containing groups of microservice modules such as Banking, General, Investment or Technical modules

We modernize legacy systems

Using different technologies, we convert large monolithic systems into smaller independent microservice modules built on uniform principles and platforms. Each module handles a specific business agenda or operational area.  

Microservice modules can exist independently or work together. This approach has proven successful for us in upgrading our own solutions. Incremental modularization makes it easier to replace legacy systems without the high risks associated with replacing an entire system at once. New modules bring substantial benefits such as: 

  • Simple support for front-end applications
  • Option for standard users to parametrize microservices 
  • Technological and supplier independence 
  • Optimization of solution maintenance and operating costs

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