AMS-WEB is a modern web platform for banks and financial institutions. It supports advisory activities, provides information on the status and development of assets, analytical indicators for asset management. AMS-WEB provides end customers with online information on the status of assets, enables on-the-fly reporting, placing investment orders, real-time trading on financial markets. AMS-WEB is constantly evolving and expanding based on the knowledge of private bankers and investment advisors. It meets the MiFID/MiFIR/PRIIPs regulatory requirements.

  • Investment advisory support tool
  • Distribution of retail financial products
  • Information channel providing information on the status of activities

Overview of Selected Functionalities

  • Investment portfolio overview and analysis
  • Display of current and historical value of assets, including comparison with investment capital
  • Report generation
  • Online entry of investment orders
  • Real-time trading support
  • Support for a wide range of products, including derivatives
  • Ex-post and ex-ante checks on investment limits
  • Integrated loan information; overview of registered loans, repayment schedule

User Options

  • Control panel according to user type
  • Onboarding, paperless process of contracting a client
  • Fully responsive app design
  • List and filter of managed funds and portfolios
  • Comprehensive overview of a selected portfolio or fund
  • Instruction management
  • Advisory module
  • Cost transparency
  • Aggregate overview of positions, accounts, portfolios or the whole group

Services According to User Type

Company Management

  • Aggregate overview of positions, accounts, portfolios or the whole group
  • Detailed overview of the selected portfolio or fund

Private banker and the affluent banking segment

  • Tool for analysis and investment decision-making
  • Ex-post and ex-ante check of investment limits
  • Comprehensive financial advice tool in accordance with MiFID ll
  • Sending online orders to buy/sell financial products
  • Model portfolio management
  • Cumulative view of the number of advisory portfolios, total assets under management, risk and compliance alerts, a map of key performance indicators, and many other handy features

Broker of Financial Products 

  • Tool for the distribution of retail investment products
  • Full Paperless Onboarding (KYC process), BioSign support
  • Model portfolios
  • Robo-advisor
  • MiFID II cost transparency tool

End Client Service

  • Investment overview
  • On-demand access to asset balances
  • An aggregated view of investments using composite portfolios
  • Current portfolio reports / Premium reports on an ongoing basis
  • Real-time market prices and support for active trading in combination with a financial portal
  • Overview of registered loans and repayment schedules

Settings, Modifications

  • Configuring widgets on the control panel
  • Language versions - CZ, EN, SK, DE
  • Adaptation of graphics for B2B clients (white label)
  • Integration with third-party systems

In combination with the ARBES AMS core system, AMS-WEB is integrated with PrimePortal, CRM, DMS, core banking. In addition to market data FactSet, Bloomberg, Reuters, Six.




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