Ziraat Bank International AG


Ziraat Bank International AG 
Commercial bank operating under German law 


In an effort to modernize and expand the services, an internal project of core banking system exchange has been taking place at Ziraat Bank AG since 2014. The project also includes installation of solution for the management of securities required by the bank, which can automatically communicate with the new core banking system. The bank's objective is to increase the volume of trading in securities as well as expand the class of traded assets.

The main supplier of core banking system has turned to our AMS team for the implementation of automated management of securities. The deployment of AMS product in Ziraat Bank AG includes  implementation of full functionality of system from support of Front Office processes to Back Office (settlement, accounting, corporate shares). In addition to securities, the AMS will also cover Repo, Credit Default Swaps, Credit Linked Notes products. The software will enable the bank to expand the marketing of new products using standard AMS functionalities in all necessary processes. AMS has at the same time built interfaces for the implemented core banking system inter-Vision. The decision to implement the integrated solution AMS - Inter-Vision in Ziraatbank AG resulted from a stable functionality of both software solutions at a common client, DenizBank AG, in Austria.

„Our requirements to the system has been fully met in accordance with our expectations. We are very satisfied with the handling on the daily operations with the tools provided by supplier team. It was a great pleasure and a very positive experience to work in a such professional environment with you."

Reiner Wolff   
Chief Dealer/Treasury Department, 2016