Privatbanka, a.s. 
Private banking services 
Czech and Slovak Republic


Privatbanka specialises in the providing the above-standard private banking services in the Slovak and Czech Republic. The Bank offers a wide range of products and services. Clients have access to the most favourable investment opportunities in the domestic and foreign financial markets.

The request of the bank was for software delivery which can be integrated with extension applications of own IT development. We implemented the product of AMS with core modules for management of portfolio, instructions and transactions together with Value-At-Risk module.

The software is for the client, in comparison to the standard version, supplemented by a special data layer. Using this layer, the bank developers can approach to data even if there is supply of higher version of AMS without the risk of integration failure.

The optimized use of the software, together with interior systems, enables Privatbanka to make the costs for IT architecture maximally effective.

„Readiness, speed, flexibility. These are the attributes of AMS team, that I would emphasize. We have been cooperating on different projects for several years and we have always found a common solution"

Ferdinand Funta
IT Director at Privatbanka, 2016