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DenizBank AG  
Provider of banking services  


DenizBank AG is a universal bank with Austrian bank licence. It belongs to an important bank group of DenizBank, originally from Turkey.

The supply of AMS for DenizBank was signed in 2005. The system was at the beginning used as a front office application. Since 1st Jan, 2012, the legislative measure for taxation of profit from securities with a completely changed concept has become effective in Austria. In 2011, it turned out that the current provider of the Back office system is not able to implement relevant changes for the bank. Consequently, in May 2011, the contract for extending AMS also for Back office area was undersigned.

In an extremely short time AMS team was able to analyse taxation, accounting, reporting, management of corporate shares, communication with depositaries and other back office processes. Then they developed and launched the whole modul until 1st Jan, 2012 to production at a client.

Workflow was considerably easier after the implementation. The data, before distributed to the systems of third parties, are now managed only in one system. This makes the work for the bank faster and automatized but also makes the processing of the data less failure.

Another step in automation was the implementation of interface for contact with depositaries,  SWIFT protocol. This was prepared and launched for DenizBank AG in 2014.

„AMS team always turned out to be a strong and reliable partner. Any project, no matter if huge or tiny, was completed smoothly, extremely fast and with an incredibly low error rate."  

Daniel Mayr,  
Prokurist, IT & Organisation & Facilities, 2016