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We Modernize Legacy Systems 

Using different technologies, we convert large monolithic systems into smaller independent microservice modules built on uniform principles and platforms. Each module handles a specific business agenda or operational area.             

Microservice modules can exist independently or work together. This approach has proven successful for us in upgrading our own solutions. Incremental modularization makes it easier to replace legacy systems without the high risks associated with replacing an entire system at once. New modules bring substantial benefits such as:  

  • Simple support for front-end applications
  • Option for standard users to parametrize microservices
  • Technological and supplier independence
  • Optimization of solution maintenance and operating costs

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They have put their trust in us

J&T Banka
Air Bank

We developed the modern investment application in cooperation with Arbes Technologies thanks to many years of cooperation on capital markets. These proved to be a great advantage and accelerated the entire development process. From the client's perspective, they delivered a product that the user perceives as a state of the art experience."

Tomáš Jelínek  
Member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank for Financial and Capital Markets, 2022

"The project was completed on schedule and within the agreed budget. The result is a great testament to Arbes Technologies and its experts."

Pavol Dorčák       
CEO, MetLife Czech and Slovak Republic, 2021

"Digital onboarding allows us to process a larger number of business cases efficiently and with significantly greater accuracy. Our team also appreciates the cooperation with the vendor in production support where requests are handled promptly and flexibly." 

Maroš Ovčarik  
Director of PARTNER INVESTMENTS, o.c.p., a.s., Slovakia, 2020

"AMS team always turned out to be a strong and reliable partner. Any project, no matter if huge or tiny, was completed smoothly, extremely fast and with an incredibly low error rate." 

Daniel Mayr     
Holder of Procuration Organisation, Facilities & IT, DenizBank AG, Austria, 2016


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+ revenue in millions of CZK


We have been providing software solutions for banks and capital markets for more than thirty years. Our experienced and stable team of more than 200 dedicated professionals draws on the latest knowledge and know-how acquired over many years of experience, enabling us to deliver unique solutions quickly and cost-effectively. We are ARBES Technologies. 

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Everyone here is given the opportunity to fulfill one's potential and can grow if they show that they want to and prove that they have what it takes.

What I appreciate the most about ARBES is the stability and fair treatment.

I received a very promising offer and job title for a student at ARBES.

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Instant payments in euros (SCT Inst) represent a new era in terms of payments. Consumers continue to expect ever simpler and faster services, available 24/7.

Arbes Technologies has delivered the first and unique mobile application for Raiffeisenbank's retail clients. Raiffeisenbank was the first major bank on the Czech market to offer the option of making investments simply via phone.