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budova-400x400_2logo-25let-transparentARBES Technologies, a leading Czech B2B supplier of unique information systems for banking, leasing, capital markets and consumer financing was founded in 1991. Through its 25 years of existence, ARBES Technologies has obtained vast experience in development, creation and support of software solutions and today, many leading banking and financing institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad are using its solutions.

ARBES Technologies continues to maintain its leading position by monitoring the latest technological trends, systematically passing on its  know-how and creating an experienced stable team of experts. Thanks to a solid understanding of our area of expertise, we at ARBES understand the needs of our customers and develop customized solutions that support their business and strategic plans under the leadership of certified project managers.

budova-400x400The portfolio of information systems of ARBES Technologies offers solutions for retail and private banking including paperless processes and digital banking, investment portfolio administration, security trading, the administration and distribution of open-end mutual funds and a solution for enterprise content management and business process management. ARBES delivers complete solutions for leasing companies, solutions for company information systems and state-of-the-art Business Intelligence and Reporting tools.

One of the main benefits that a customer receives through ARBES Technologies is the guarantee of permanent development and continued product innovation. Long-term partner cooperation is based on providing solutions with added value that includes best practices.

ARBES Business Solution = Best Practices + Ultramodern Software


ISO 9001:2008

System for organization quality management

ISO 140001:2015

Environmental management system

ISO/IEC 27001:2005

System for information security management

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011

System for management of providing ICT organization services

For the following scope of services and activities:

Development and sale of software including the coverage of all related services and deliveries of third-party products.
Providing IT professionals according to the customer’s requirements and those necessary for the development, implementation and management of information system projects.

Board of Directors & Company Management

Michal Houštecký

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Michal Houštecký graduated from the College of Information Management and Economics in Prague and studied Information Technology and Management at the Banking Institute. He has been working in the IT sector for over 15 years and focuses primarily on solutions for banking, leasing, telecommunication and healthcare.

Michal started working at ARBES Technologies in 2011 as Manager of the Business Intelligence Division and gradually took over the leadership of the Division of Information Systems. In 2015 he took over as Director of the Banking Information Systems Division.

Michal became the company CEO in June 2016.

“Leading banking and financial institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad are using software solutions from ARBES Technologies. We want to continue to provide our clients with integrated and comprehensive solutions, professional services and consulting. We continue to support new technologies and to develop our current products. We will support new directions and expand our know-how. The world of IT, where we have been active for over 25 years now, is a very dynamic field and my biggest wish is to maintain and surpass the current market expectations,” says Michal Houštecký.

Tomáš Návrat

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tomáš Návrat graduated from the University of Economics, Prague where he studied Computer Science and Banking. He has spent his entire professional career in the investment banking and finance fields. He worked as a Czech capital market stock analyst at INB Barings. He later worked as head of Corporate Finance at Czech Telecom/Telefonica Czech Republic and then as the head of the department of fusions and acquisitions at PwC Czech Republic. He has been working as investment director and project manager at Expandia since 2015.

As of July 2015, he is the executive head and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors at ARBES. His main role is the support of strategic development of the company and acquisitions.

Jiří Žůrek

Financial Director, Member of the Board

Jiří Žůrek graduated from the University of Economics, Prague where he studied Industrial Economics. Previously, he worked on various investment projects at IPB and Expandia. Jiří started working at ARBES Technologies as financial director in 1998.

Petr Majer

Sales Director, Member of the Board

Petr Majer studied at the University of Finance and Administration. He has worked in sales for most of his professional career. As of 2005, he has been focusing on information technology exclusively.

He started working at ARBES Technologies in 2014, first as a business development manager where he was preparing to take over as director of the entire sales team. He has been the sales director as of the end of 2015.

Vladislav Veselý

Member of the Board

Vladislav Veselý studied Economics of Foreign Trade at the Faculty of Business at the University of Economics, Prague. He received his Masters of Business Administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona.

Following a brief period in the commercial banking sector, he has been focusing on development of the Expandia group and its activities in the capital operations and asset administration fields. Besides his role as member of the Board of Directors at ARBES Technologies, he also continues to act as board member at Expandia, Gumotex and Jitona. He also used to be a board member at Severočeské Doly (North Bohemia Mines) and Karosa.

Zdeněk Mistr

Director of the Financial Information Systems Division

Zdeněk graduated from the Math and Physics Faculty at Charles University in Prague. Since 2005, he worked as a Project Manager in banking, insurance, telecommunication and betting.

He started working at ARBES Technologies as a Project Manager in 2012.

He became the director of the Financial Information Systems Division in July 2016.

Ivan Bekarovski

Director of the Banking Systems and Business Applications Division

Ivank Bekarovski graduated from the Faculty Electrical Engineering and received his MBA at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been working in consulting, IT and banking for over 20 years where he has been focusing primarily on solutions in banking, system integration, implementation of core banking systems and transformations. He started working at ARBES Technologies as director of the Banking Information Systems Division in 2017. Previously, he worked as a manager at companies such as Unisys, CSC, Capgemini, Infosys and Santander Bank UK.

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