Raiffeisenbank's First Mobile Investment App Supplied by Arbes Technologies


Arbes Technologies has delivered the first and unique mobile application for Raiffeisenbank's retail clients. Raiffeisenbank was the first major bank on the Czech market to offer the option of making investments simply via phone.  If successful, other banks from the Raiffeisenbank International group on the European market will also start offering this investment application to their clients. The mobile app that facilitates Raiffeisenbank clients' investments was developed by Raiffeisenbank and Arbes Technologies in cooperation with the bank's clients who were involved in the process of creating the app from the get-go.

Arbes Technologies has been working with Raiffeisenbank for more than 10 years. Among the main systems that Arbes supplies is ARBES AMS, which is a comprehensive software solution for investment banking and fund management. ARBES AMS, together with other newly developed microservice modules, is the basis for the new investment application.

The Mobile Investment App Has Been Running in Pilot Mode Since September  
Thanks to a year and a half of preparation by several teams and suppliers, Raiffeisenbank is making it easy for its clients to invest in securities, from stocks, ETFs, investment certificates to mutual funds. The first clients have been using the app since September 2022 and Raiffeisenbank was the first major bank to introduce such a mobile app to its clients.

Raiffeisenbank Takes First Place 
Czech Raiffeisenbank is the first large domestic bank to allow its clients to invest in securities using a mobile application. Under its auspices, a pilot version of the project has been created, on which Raiffeisenbank International is testing clients' reactions to the ease of investing via the mobile app. If successful on the Czech market, the mobile investment app will be available to clients in up to fifteen other markets in Europe. 

"We have developed a modern investment application in cooperation with Arbes Technologies thanks to many years of cooperation in the field of capital markets. These proved to be a great advantage and accelerated the entire development process. From the client's point of view, Raiffeisenbank has brought a service that they perceive to be a state-of-the-art experience," explains Tomáš Jelínek, Raiffeisenbank Board Member for Financial and Capital Markets.

"For Raiffeisenbank, we tried to create a modern and user-friendly solution both on the front-end and back-end. This native application naturally takes advantage of what smartphones can already do, and so the service and client onboarding are client-friendly, while the requirements are supported by a modern architecture on the back-end," adds Branislav Beneš, Director of the Financial Information Systems Division.

The smartphone app itself is available to download for free on both the App Store and Google Play platforms.