Core Banking

Core Banking (ARBES OBS Core) is the heart of every banking institution. It must be fast, efficient and reliable. Our core banking is all that and more. It supports latest trends in digitalization and is open to new business channels and communication technologies. Our team of specialists is able to help you with the implementation and adjusting the system to your business and operational processes, be it a standard or a digital bank.



  • The modular system allows for only the selected components (modules), which the bank specifically needs to be implemented.
  • Implementation speed – an out of the box solution that allows us to implement the bank within 6 months

  • Flexibility and wide parameterization options
  • Automation of individual back-office and front-office processes

Just as the heart of a healthy person must be resistant and reliable so must the core of a successful bank be efficient, stable and secure.

Key facts

  • Our team participates on the implementations of banking systems in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have been obtaining experience in this field for 23 years now
  • We support our core banking and develop it in financial institutions in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Portugal
  • System robustness on the Oracle database

  • High-level of security based on strict international financing legislation requirements.
  • ARBES OBS already contains an effective tool for output reports (reporting engine)


  • The ability to guarantee a complete end-to-end solution for financial institutions (from business consultations through to full live operations and maintenance)
  • A consulting division that specializes on business and IT consulting in the financial and telecommunication sector

  • We have methodology that has been verified and tested over time and has been thoroughly worked through for the successful management of innovation projects
  • We understand your needs – we have experience from large as well as small company environments

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