Trusted Document

Independent module for trust service storage of electronic documents based on the current eIDAS standard.

The trustworthiness of document storage is fulfilled by the module based on the following:

  • Confirmation of the integrity of the document from the date of registration to the trust storage by means of a qualified timestamp and its re-stamping. I.e. confirmation of the immutability of the document from the date of the oldest timestamp.
  • Confirmation of the authenticity of electronic documents by automatic application of the customer's electronic seal at the time of registration and optional validation of existing guaranteed electronic signatures over PDF documents.
  • Storage of recorded documents in a document management system, where the integrity of the content is ensured by setting permissions on these documents and regular backups.
trusted document

Areas covered:

  • Trusted archive according to eIDAS
  • Template management
  • The possibility of trust storage of document packages
  • Electronic and biometric signature solution


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