Easy to use comprehensive economic system. Czech national environment with multilingual user  interface, compliance with valid CZ and SK legislation. High security of data access and manipulation.  Modern and powerful Oracle database. Easy extensibility by own superstructure systems ARBES OBS,  ARBES TOPAS, ARBES TA, ARBES Workflow, ARBES BI, ARBES DMS. Integration with external systems.

pro koho je systém určený
The system is intended for the following


  • Investment companies, securities dealers – systems will cover a complete portfolio of services together with ARBES TOPAS and ARBES TA
  • Banks, credit companies and credit unions – a complete portfolio of services for financial houses, usually in conjunction with ARBES OBS
  • Leasing companies – use FEIS in conjunction with ARBES Leasing or in conjunction with the CRM module
  • Healthcare facilities use a wide range of modules: WorkFlow, CashFlow, Warehouse, Asset, Plan and Budget, CSUÍS or the management decision support module
  • Commercial, manufacturing, service and asset management companies

System description

System description
výhody systému
System Advantages


  • Modular structure
  • Wide possibilities of parameterization and adaptation to customer's business processes
  • Possibility to process the agenda of multiple companies in one database
  • Support for different currencies and national environments
  • Possibility of simultaneous accounting and reporting according to two different methodologies
  • Wide integration possibilities with other systems and data sources


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