TOPAS was one of the first systems provided to our clients, which has gained a dominant position on the market in the Czech Republic over time. After more than 30 years of its development and use by hundreds of users from the investment companies and securities traders, this system is now one of the proven and stabilized solutions on both the Czech and international market. ARBES TOPAS supports complete processes related to fund administration, fund control from the position of a custodian, management of individual portfolios in the form of asset management or provision of custody and fund management services.


In addition, TOPAS supports the agendas of securities traders, treasury, risk management, corporate  operations and cash flow management. It also includes full support for valuation tools, including  hedging and speculative derivatives. 

ARBES TOPAS guarantees compatibility with the legislative environment, all inputs and outputs are  constantly validated in terms of legal and statutory limits. Among other things, the system  dynamically responds to new trends resulting from legislative requirements concerning anti-money  laundering and anti-terrorism measures (AML).


Banking, Investments

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Petr Červenka     
Manager of Capital Markets Solutions

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Petr Červenka