ARBES Mobile Application

Universal mobile investment app for retail investors


Based on its long-term experience, ARBES has prepared a template universal mobile investment application. It is designed for financial institutions and intermediaries to provide their investment and sales services to end retail clients.

  • Takes into account local regulatory specificities
  • The application covers the complete life cycle
  • Based on capital markets "best practice"
  • The flexibility of the application architecture allows easy deployment and adaptation to the priorities and service needs of the financial institution
  • In "R2G" mod, the app can be easily adapted to a client's corporate identity

App Facts

  • Universal mobile app is natively ready for iOS and Android
  • It is optimized for the latest 3 operating system versions of both platforms
  • Two language versions (CZ and EN)


  • Application activation
  • Client identification
  • Investment questionnaire
  • Signing contract documents

Dashboard and Overviews

  • Positions held
  • Settlement accounts
  • Instructions
  • Transactions
  • Regular investments
App higlights
  • Provides a complete digital investment service
  • 10 basic client workflows
  • 120 unique screens
  • Native mobile version of the app for iOS and Android
  • Fully digitalized on-boarding process
  • Dynamic investment questionnaire
  • Independent integration and persistent ADP layer
  • Simple integration with current core systems
  • Quick processing of corporate identity
  • Covers regulatory requests


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Michal Houštecký        
Director of Digital Solutions

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