Privacy settings and use of cookies

Cookies are small files that usually contain a unique anonymous identifier, are passed between your browser and our server and are then placed in the storage of your device. These files may be temporary or may be permanent and remain on your device until they are deleted.


Why we use cookies

By using cookies on your device, you help us improve our website or provide you with better services.

We use cookies to determine what content you are most interested in and then provide you with the best possible offer.

Similarly, they help us target ads that best suit your interests.


What cookies do we use?

Technical cookies - are necessary for the operation of the website. For example, they help to record your response to the cookie bar.

Analytics cookies - these cookies help us to statically measure website traffic using Google Analytics. The information is collected anonymously.

Marketing cookies - they help us better target advertising that matches your interests. They include remarketing cookies for advertising systems.


Your options for managing cookies

You can influence the extent to which each type of cookie is stored in the Cookie bar settings.

And at any time later, by clicking on the "cookies" icon at the bottom left of the page.

At the same time, Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, etc.) support cookie management and allow you to turn off cookies in your settings.
Within the browser settings, you can manually delete, block or completely disable their use, you can also block or allow them only for some websites.
For more detailed information, please use the help for your browser.