Arbes Introduces a Flexible Mobile App Aimed at Investments


Arbes Technologies, a leading Czech software solutions supplier for the banking and financial sector, has introduced the latest version of the AMA mobile application, which is a good example of modern fintech trends. It offers a flexible configurable tool for investing and managing investors' assets. 

Contact with the bank is now fast and convenient thanks to direct banking, where a few clicks on your mobile phone are all it takes to communicate. In line with modern trends, Arbes has created a universal mobile application, using its many years of know-how in the investment business. 

AMA is designed for financial institutions (banks, distribution companies, securities traders) that need a simple and high-quality solution in the form of a mobile app for communication with clients. The app provides clients with an immediate overview of products and services, ensuring awareness of the immediate development of investments on the market. They thus receive relevant information such as new investment incentives directly on their mobile phones without having to meet in person. AMA therefore contributes significantly to faster decision-making and saves time for the client, who does not have to spend hours searching for information on the web or using the services of intermediaries. 

"AMA handles the remote onboarding process where it identifies the client, can activate their services and contract them. All this is done through a pre-designed investment questionnaire. Based on its completion and immediate activation of services, the client can start the process of buying or selling selected investment products," says David Kopřiva, Director of the Digital Division at Arbes Technologies. 

AMA as "Lego" with Added Value 

Financial institutions can run the AMA mobile app in a basic version or build it like a "Lego" and adapt it to their specific business needs. Already in its basic version, AMA offers a predefined library of components, screens and predefined processes that fully cover the market standards in terms of functionality. We draw on the long-standing know-how we have acquired over 32 years of operation on the financial and capital markets. AMA thereby significantly simplifies, speeds up and reduces the otherwise lengthy and costly process of creating client applications for financial institutions. The app is ready for iOS and Android operating systems. 



"Our great advantage is that we understand the investment business very well and when deploying the application, the client of the financial institution saves time otherwise spent on explaining and analyzing how all processes related to investments work. Our UX/UI team has put their years of development, operational and "best practices" experience from many popular investment platforms into the app. In October, we successfully implemented the mobile app in the Czech branch of Raiffeisenbank, which we hope will also soon be used by clients of the parent Raiffeisenbank International in 15 European countries." explains David Kopřiva.