Six Signs That You Need a New ECM Solution

By now, every large organization has some sort of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution for the management of electronic documents. This does not mean, however, that they are without problems. Several of them use outdated systems, which are not able to adequately support strategic goals of the organization, thereby hindering it and limiting its growth. How to tell, if it is time for a change? The AIIM has identified six key indicators for uncovering outdated ECM software. The first factor is that the system is unable to meet the requirements that are expected from it even though it is more than evident that the technologies should be able to grow along with the business in order not limit it in any way. Mobile access, a flexible interface, simple configuration and process management of documents are now an integral part of the ECM platform. Another indicator is limited support from the supplier, who at this point probably has other priorities. A customer support line of good quality is crucial for the elimination of problems, outages and the provision of maximum security.

The absence of openness and support of cloud technologies is another sign that you ought to consider updating your ECM solution. Without it, you will not have access to the latest functions that heighten efficiency and cooperation. The use of a proprietary software is another one of the six key factors indicating a change is necessary – in this case you are definitely a candidate for a new ECM solution. By switching to a standardized and open platform with a wide user base you will avoid several potential risks related to a closed-off system, a single supplier, software development, integration with other components of company IT, support and last but not least, costs for operations and development. In effect, total cost of ownership (TCO) are another important aspect that should affect the decision for a new solution for the management of electronic documents. The costs for running a new ECM solution are only a fraction of what it can cost to run outdated software. According to the AIIM, for a third of organizations, cost and efficiency are the main reasons for switching to a new ECM platform.

Even though it may not seem that way when first choosing an ECM solution, it is advisable to pay attention to the overall vision of the supplier, the supplier’s plans for the future and the direction in which it is heading. If your paths are not going in the same direction, it would be wise to consider whether your choice is the right one for the long-term.

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