Rights of Data Subjects under the GDPR

The GDPR EU regulation on the protection of personal data will come into force on May 25, 2018. It is necessary to react adequately to this legislation through the modification of all corresponding processes and systems while monitoring GDPR requests and complying with all the related obligations.

The redefinition of data subjects’ rights (i.e. natural persons – EU citizens) transfers certain obligations to administrators (companies, organizations and authorities); it mainly concerns providing information to data subjects, access, deletion, modification, limitation of processing, portability, claims and automated decision-making. The method for the application of these rights has also changed. Rights have to be readily accessible; they have to be simply and transparently applied within set deadlines. The GDPR will therefore also affect the documentation processes of administrators who have to be able to prove compliance with legislation and must do so transparently and within set deadlines. The data subject rights must be settled on time, must be managed effectively and evidence for data subjects and the supervisory authority must be provided.

The GDPR brings several provisions and regulations in terms of data protection. It is necessary to plan out a response. Oracle has certainly been the leader in terms of scope and quality of its portfolio of solutions for decades. A set of Oracle Database Security products provides comprehensive tools for audits and reporting systems that allow for compliance with the GDPR.  Oracle Database products enable organizations to quickly implement secure GDPR requirements and to reach a high level of security of personal and company data.

ARBES Technologies has been actively working on these issues and has brought the ARBES Monitor solution to the market. It presented the new solution on February 27 together with its partners, law firm Havel&Partners and Oracle, at whose offices the workshop took place.

ARBES Monitor approaches GDPR in terms of processing. It has a defined basic set of GDPR processes for the application of rights, whereby all the steps are audited. The tool provides aid in processing client requests and makes the work of the DPO – persons entrusted with protecting personal data – much easier.

“Our ambition was to simplify the GDPR implementation process for our clients as well as for new potential clients. This is why we have introduced ARBES Monitor as a solution, which can be implemented in cooperation with our partners into a modern cloud environment and can also be provided as a service. Legal supervision over the solution and its compliance with the GDPR is included. Customers therefore obtain a complete and easily implementable ready-made tool or a service ready for immediate use,” as Petr Majer, Sales Director at ARBES Technologies describes ARBES Monitor.

“GDPR is a provision that affects all companies and is not merely a technological problem. This is why the workshop, where the solution is presented by Oracle as the technological supplier, by ARBES as the provider of the application solution and by Havel&Partners as legal consulting, seems to be ideal to cover the issue in its entire scope and to provide for the most effective implementation,” adds Josef Švenda, Regional Sales Director of Technology at Oracle.



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