Pioneer Investments Products can be Monitored Using the ARBES TA Mobile Application

The new application called MyPioneer provides consultants and end users easy access to current data on relevant products from the Pioneer Investments group. Clients can use their mobile device to monitor the current status and development of their portfolio any time or they can display current data on asset history or performance on their accounts. Last but not least, the application also displays an overview of executed trades. It is also possible to generate asset account statements from the application.

“The MyPioneer application is a unique professional tool on the Czech market, which is especially useful for consultants in their everyday activities. It allows them to have easy and fast access to current information on the development of their clients’ portfolios,” says Vítězslav Havliš, External Network Sales Director at Pioneer Investments CR.

It is fully synchronized with the ARBES TA system, which Pioneer Investments has been using successfully since 1996.

The mobile web application is optimized for the Windows Mobile, Android and iOS environments as well as for mobile phones and tablets and PCs.  The application was developed and went live within 6 months and today the application that is available at is used by a vast group of users.

The ARBES TA system is being successfully used by Czech and other European investment companies, which highly value above all its comprehensiveness, the possibility of settings according to individual needs and a high level of automation of all activities.  ARBES TA is used to manage the distribution of share certificates of own funds of collective investments, arrange the sale of funds to third parties and maintain local registry of distributed share certificates. The system also fully supports the record-keeping of structured distribution networks including tools for flexible configuration of fee schemes.29