Optimization of HR Processes Using the JIRA Application

Optimization of HR Processes Using the JIRA Application

Since on today’s job market the number of available jobs exceeds the number of applicants, it is now more important than ever for companies to have their HR processes fully under control. The fact that they need to hire a new employee is only the first step in a long line of processes at the end of which is a satisfied and well-adjusted employee. At ARBES Technologies, which develops information systems for the financial sector, they have decided to optimize their HR processes using the JIRA Core application.

New employees often have to go through quite an obstacle course before they become comfortable in their new spot. This of course slows down their ability to be fully productive in their new role. Firstly, it is important to realize, that so-called onboarding is often the first company processes, which a new employee encounters. Mistakes during onboarding, however, can give the new employee a bad impression of the new company right in the first week of work. Let’s imagine a situation, where the newcomer arrives on his first day of work only to find that his computer or access card isn’t ready or that he doesn’t even have a work station assigned yet. This is why they have made the decision to use JIRA Core to optimize the HR process at ARBES Technologies.

The first phase of the project included mapping out of all the processes that HR uses: request for a new job position, arrival of a new employee, change of job position, change of employment contract terms, change of working location, change of billing code, departure of an employee. It was also necessary to consider the fact that other departments such as IT, operations or accounting are also often a part of the HR process.

The automation of processes included the creation of input forms, where the employee’s direct supervisor or in the case of a new employee, the HR department, enter information. A new type of request with its own life-cycle was created for each of the processes in the JIRA system. The creation of tasks for each specific department takes place automatically during the life-cycle. It is also important to map out the chronological succession and interdependence of the individual steps. The entry of a new employee into the payroll system for example, is only generated after the employee’s domain and email account are created.

Dashboards have been created for each department, where one can view tasks that need to be taken care of. The biggest advantage of the new solution is that all affected departments have gotten rid of the need to send and receive hundreds of disorganized emails. Company management has thereby obtained an overview of all current, incoming and departing employees within the different divisions and teams, which simplifies the operational and financial planning process. The entire HR process optimization project at ARBES Technologies was very fast and took less than a month.

“The optimization and simplification of HR processes significantly helps us to speed up the hiring processes at the company. Another no less significant benefit is increased effectiveness of standardized, timely and large-scale acquisition of working tools as well as the constant update of expense forecasts related to the arrival of new employees in management reporting,” says Michal Houštecký, CEO of ARBES Technologies.

“HR processes are not the first to be moved to the JIRA environment at ARBES Technologies. ARBES has been using JIRA for a long time as a client as well as an internal service desk, project and task management as well as time tracking and security incident management. Various approval processes such as PMO approvals, approvals of absences, business trips or purchases are also worth mentioning,” adds Tomáš Štalmach, JIRA Consultant at ARBES Technologies.

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