New Version of the ARBES FEIS ERP System with 500 Improvements

ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech supplier of software solutions for banking and finance has released a new version – version 14 – of its ARBES FEIS information system.  Changes to the system of electronic signatures and the option to delegate user roles in the event of an absence are considered to be the most important among the 500 new improvements.
„During the development of the new version of our ARBES FEIS ERP system we focused on the wishes and needs of our current customers,“stated Michal Houštecký, Director of the Company Information Systems Division at ARBES Technologies, and added:  ”The goal is to simplify the ever more popular process of issuing electronically signed invoices and to make it easy to set up stand-ins during short-term as well as unexpected absences of individual employees.”

Electronic Signatures

For several years now, the ARBES FEIS system has contained the option to create electronic invoices in ISDOC format including electronic signatures based on an electronic certificate. Now users have several more options for the selection of the certificate, which will be used for the creation of the signature.  Besides the preset system certificate, it will now also be possible to use individual certificates of specific users, which do not need to be installed in the operating system storage.  The user thus does not need to select a certificate until he or she is actually exporting invoices into ISDOC format.

Another new feature in electronic signatures is the option to sign created pdf files.  Even though invoices in PDF format do not have the advantages of electronic ISDOC invoices (they do not contain structured data that can be easily automatically processed), this format is still very popular for document delivery.  The option to provide PDF files with electronic signatures thus ensures proof of origin and intactness of document content that is for example required by VAT legislation.

Role Delegation

User roles are represented by operator groups within ARBES FEIS.  Each operator can be assigned to any number of groups, from which he/she takes over the access rights settings as well as additional settings (such as sending emails when changing document statuses).  Version 14 brings a new option for delegating these roles to another user.  “Prior to leaving on vacation, a user can for example determine who will fill in for him/her during his/her absence.   The delegated employee obtains his/her access rights and other settings related to that particular group of operators,” explained Michal Houštecký. It is of course not necessary to delegate all roles nor is it required to hand them all over to one person – competences can be divided among several users as the need may be.

In instances of an unplanned user absence, the delegation of his/her roles can be set by another authorized user such as the system administrator for example.


ARBES FEIS is a modern, technologically advanced and user-friendly company information system that completely covers the economic, accounting and tax agenda administration. It is an ideal solution for companies and organizations, which wish to automate their routine activities, to optimize their processes, to ensure transparency and to reach a higher level of effectiveness and savings. Thanks to its modularity and a wide spectrum of parameterization options it can be used for all types of economic subjects – from the financial sector through to production and business companies up to the healthcare system. The system is not dependent on Czech legislature and is successfully being used in a number of other countries. The history of the ARBES FEIS ERP system goes as far back as 1994 when its first version was introduced on the market. Since then, the system has been implemented for hundreds of customers.