New ECM/BPM Division Director at ARBES Technologies

Vojtěch Havránek (31) is the new director of the ECM/BPM division, which deals with services in the area of content management and automation of business processes at ARBES Technologies – a leading European supplier of software solutions for banking and finance. The ARBES ECM/BPM solutions are built on the advanced and time-tested EMC Documentum platform, which thanks to its excellent characteristics and high dependability belongs among the top technologies in the banking world and beyond.

Vojtěch Havránek studied at the Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology and has obtained vast experience in the area of finance institutions and information technology during his professional career.  While at university he worked as IT Manager at Elmont Brno Engineering where he was responsible for the infrastructure and strategy of development.  He worked at Ness Czech for two years, first as a consultant in charge of MS and EMC platform integrations and later as Product Manager.  He then spent 3 years working at CSC Computer Sciences.  Prior to his start at ARBES Technologies, he obtained experience in the financial sector while working at Equa Bank, where he was in charge of the technological architecture of business processes and leading the ECM and BPM team.

“Financial institutions as well as commercial companies and organizations from the public administration sector today often have to deal with problems regarding information documents and company content processing and management. Since communication with clients is constantly moving from the printed form to electronic format to increase effectiveness, new demands continue to arise for speed of communication, saving all messages, digitalization of incoming content, its archiving and security so that  only authorized persons have access to sensitive information and so that the company is protected against data leaks and data loss, ideally using biometrics” statedVojtěch Havránek and added:  “Our ARBES ECM solution simplifies the transfer of a company to paperless office status and provides unified and protected content storage whereby decreasing company costs and increasing effectiveness of work with content and communication with clients.”

Vojtěch Havránek is married, has one daughter and his hobbies include spending time with his family, sports and traveling.