Mutual funds

ARBES TA is an advanced information system for the distribution of share certificates. The system is being successfully used by Czech as well as other European investment companies, which highly value its comprehensiveness, the option of customized settings and a high level of automation of all activities.

ARBES TA is used to manage the distribution of share certificates of own funds of collective investments, arrange the sale of funds to third parties and maintain local registry of distributed share certificates. The system also fully supports the record-keeping of structured distribution networks including tools for flexible configuration of fee schemes.





Traded Funds


Trades processed every month


Client contracts administered

Key features

  • Extensive modularity of the solution for specific needs of each individual user
  • Sophisticated solution that guarantees the elimination of risks and unexpected costs
  • High-level of automation of individual user work processes
  • English and Czech solution language versions
  • High-level of user support

  • Web application in many languages
  • Opened data model allowing users full integration with other systems
  • High-level of security taking into account international legislature
  • Support of connection to European registers
  • Communication with more than a hundred leading world banks via ARBES FEIS
  • System development guarantee


ARBES TA supports the management of reinvestment, dividend, revenue and hedge funds. It automates all processes during processing and settlement of transactions and end of day, automatically records not only cash flows and distributed shares but also generates all accounting records into the ARBES FEIS ERP system or external accounting and supports cash flow management (payment orders, payment aggregation, matching with bank statements, liquidity monitoring) including record-keeping of non-invested cash and receivables based on shareholder management. The system also automates processes and records stemming from legislative requests in AML (laws against money laundering) and measures implemented in the fight against terrorism.

The ARBES TA system allows for new contracts to be finalized and for shareholder or distributor instructions to be received, all via the web interface. Received instructions are always verified and automatically processed. Based on these instructions, the system creates instructions for buy, sell or transfer into registers that record selected shares of individual funds and are subsequently also financially settled.

A wide scale of various types of individual and structured products is managed in accordance with the requirements for record-keeping and reporting based on MiFID and UCITS IV directives, including support of management of controlling and subordinate funds or funds sorted by classes.

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