Mobile Distribution of Share Certificate

IAD Investments and ZFP Investments will now use the TA Mobile application from ARBES Technologies, a leading European supplier of information systems for banking and finance for the distribution of share certificates.

IAD Investments from the Slovak financial market and ZFP Investments from the Czech financial market have selected ARBES Technologies as their supplier of a solution for the support of mutual fund sales. The installation of a specialized application for smartphones called TA Mobile will offer the clients of these two companies a large number of features.  Clients will gain access to the current balance of their portfolios, they will have a good overview of their instructions and processes and will see the structure of their assets, its development and performance in a clear and easy to understand graphic format.

“The immense boom of mobile devices with smartphones leading the way, allows users to more effectively organize and manage their activities and to work with applications practically any time.  It therefore follows that suppliers of modern IT systems modify their solutions for these devices and thus not only simplify access to current data but also offer the option to manage a number of routine tasks easily, quickly and from anywhere,” stated Tomáš Denemark, Director of the Financial Systems Division at ARBES Technologies, which is responsible for the development of the TA Mobile application. This application originates from ARBES TA, which ranks among the world’s best solutions for the Transfer Agency field.  This is also proven by the fact it appears in the top positions in the Barrington Partners international catalog.

About ARBES TA Mobile

The TA Mobile module is an application designated for installation in mobile telephones. It provides access to individual shareholder data and distribution networks. It mainly includes the following:

  • Overview of instructions and executed operations by the shareholder
  • View of current portfolio and its structure
  • Overviews of portfolio assets in the form of graphs (by composition, development or performance)
  • Overview of periodical plan fulfillment (in graph form)

About IAD Investments

IAD Investments is the oldest Slovak manager of mutual funds and was founded in 1991. It is an independent financial institution with a focus on the area of collective investments in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia.  In addition it also offers savings products, services for individual management of assets and products related to insurance companies. IAD Investments was founded as AGROINVEST Investičná a.s. After the company was taken over by Pro Partners financial holding in 2001 its name was changed to Investičná a Dôchodková, správ. spol., a.s. In 2004 IAD co-founded Sympatia-Pohoda, d.s.s.,a.s. – a pension management company. Two years later, IAD obtained the license for the management of Prvý realitný fond, š.p.f., historically a first Slovak fund focusing on investments into real estate and later also offers this fund  in the Czech Republic. Through acquisitions, IAD also gained funds from OTP Asset Management, KD Investments and Allianz Asset Management into its portfolio. In Slovakia, IAD distributes 12 open mutual funds and 1 special fund.

About ZFP  Investments

ZFP Investments, a.s. was founded in 2012 in cooperation with ZFP Group. The company focuses on the distribution of mutual funds in the Czech Republic.