Michal Houštecký Joins Senior Management at ARBES Technologies

Michal Houštecký (34) has become the new Director of the company information systems division at ARBES Technologies.

Michal Houštecký completed his studies at the College of Information Management and Business Administration in Prague and studied Information Technology and Management at the Banking Institute/College of Banking. He gained his professional experience as a SAP R/3 consultant at Slovakodata, Varias and T-Mobile. He later worked as a Senior Specialist of Management Information Systems at T-Mobile. He started at ARBES Technologies in 2011 as a Manager of the Business Intelligence division, where he was responsible for the BI product strategy, pre-sales, marketing, project management and running the whole department. After two years in this position, Michal Houštecký is taking over as manager of the entire company information systems division, which besides BI solutions also offers clients from the finance, healthcare and business sectors time-tested ERP systems and specialized systems for leasing and lending companies.

 ”The ARBES FEIS ERP solution is one of the flagship products at ARBES Technologies and my goal is to further develop it in accordance with the latest trends and technologies. Over 120 satisfied customers are now using ARBES FEIS and I would like for us to continue to provide them maximum support in their business ventures,” stated Michal Houštecký and added: “The Czech ERP market is fully saturated and that is why it is important to offer clients special custom modifications and to be able to provide solutions, which can be parameterized in accordance with specifics unique to each company. ARBES Technologies has always excelled in this and that is why I firmly believe that our clients have something to look forward to.”

Michal Houštecký is married, has two daughters and for this reason likes to spend most of his spare time with his family. He enjoys doing sports and likes to travel. Tasting New World wines is one of his less traditional hobbies.