The present trend is the use of modern technology and the internet for providing and arranging financing. When buying vehicles and obtaining financing, customers are moving from sale points and branches of financial institutions to websites. When communicating with a financial company, entering their requirements, to find the payment status or to pre-approve further financing, customers are using the services of the client zone more and more. Sellers prefer easy and intuitive tools accessible via PC, laptop or tablet which, in a short time, allow the seller to create an offer, adjust various financing parameters, pre-approve or approve financing or print out the relevant documents.



Based on experience with development of portal solutions for finance sector customers, ARBES’ goal is to implement the best Front End and portal on the market for leasing companies that will allow for further integration into BPM, Scoring module and Core system of ARBES Technologies or other third-party systems.

We currently have a back-office solution for leasing companies implemented at six different customers (four in the Czech Republic, one in Slovakia and one in Hungary). Other systems, applications and components such as Portal Solutions, Business Process Management, DMS, DSS and Business Intelligence are implemented at several other customers from the financial sector.

The development of our system is focused on the use of ultramodern portal solutions and a continuous development of an integration platform that will integrate all systems automatically and effectively in order to help our customers:

  • support process management throughout all systems
  • decrease the time necessary for implementation of new products, services and processes (time to market)
  • react quickly to the needs of their clients, behavior of the competition and the market
  • provide user comfort to clients, sales managers and product managers

  • effectively gain new customers
  • minimize the volume of manual work when acquiring and evaluating data
  • centralize the administration of data in individual systems to one place
  • decrease the costs of system administration
  • use modern trends, technologies and devices

The result is ARBES LEASING – a unique comprehensive solution that fully covers all the activities and processes of the leasing company from the acquisition of a business case, automatic approval, activation, administration and circulation of documents in electronic format according to processes set by the administrator, administration of assets and contracts, client care, change of the payment profile, regular and exceptional contract termination, administration of receivables and the subsequent data retrieval from clients after termination of financing.

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