ARBES Technologies offers hospitals and other healthcare institutions a comprehensive system – from a modular ER system called ARBES FEIS, through a system for the automation of business and controlling processes called  ARBES WorkFlow and a management information system ARBES Reporting (ARBES BI) through to administration, sharing and archiving of documents ARBES ECM/BPM.



A COMPANY information system that covers the ECONOMIC, ACCOUNTING AND TAX AGENDAS

ARBES FEIS is a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced and user-friendly company information system that completely covers the economic, accounting and tax agenda administration. It is an ideal solution for companies and organizations that wish to automate their routine activities, to optimize their processes, to ensure transparency and to reach a higher level of effectiveness and savings.

Key Features

  • Modular Structure
  • Efficient and reliable Oracle database
  • Extensive options for the parameterization and adjustment to the business processes of the customer
  • Option of processing the agenda of several companies in one database

  • Support of several national environments
  • Possibility of concurrent entry and reporting using two different methodologies
  • Extensive options of integration with other systems and data sources
  • The option to automate the delivery of documents into online postboxes

Healthcare institutions will mainly use the Accounting, Stock, Asset and Plan and Budget modules. The Cashflow Manager module will certainly be useful as well, and its agenda of predicting cash flows, ISDOC modules, and the Universal Importer, which will provide an effective, fast and secure exchange of documents with their business partners.

Use the Workflow modules to support a large number of processes starting with medication requests and medical material through to the processing of invoices received.

A big help for users is the online connection to public registries – VAT Payer Registry, ARES – VAT Reg. No. search, name and address by Co. Reg. No.; VIES – finding a name and address according to VAT Reg. No.; Insolvency Registry – checking a debtor and sending email notifications on data changed in the registries.

Subsidized organizations will surely welcome the CSUIS  and PAP accessories, which will provide aid in the preparation of legally prescribed accounting reports.

An important feature of the ARBES FEIS system is a wide selection of user parameters and its openness, which allows for the resolution of the most complex and often very specific requirements from hospitals and healthcare organizations, such as:

  • specialized reporting for the organizer (reports for the Ministry of Health, Regional Municipal Offices, Cities etc.) – CSUIS, PAP, MUZO, MARK-Q…
  • customized reports for actual healthcare organizations – Reports for comparative analysis, Overview of expenses and revenues sorted in various ways and comparison to the initial plan, Cost summary, VAT re-entry…
  • multi-degree dissolution of overhead costs via various methods (e.g. in proportion to direct salary cost centers, in proportion to usage area…)
  • zone overview of receivables and payables

  • administration of subject and cash deposits
  • detailed monitoring of the usage of healthcare materials by the individual hospital departments, including monitoring low turnover and no turnover materials
  • asset stocktaking including mobile bar code readers
  • records, service and prevention of healthcare machines etc.



ARBES Workflow allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to automate and make the management processes more accurate, thereby decreasing the need for the administration of approval processes. This improvement is reached through a simple, purposeful and fully automated flow of documents and the lower administrative burden on approval processes stemming from that.

The ARBES WorkFlow system can be used to process “Applications and Orders” – the process of requests for buying goods and services with the option of multi-level approvals and approval limits, “Invoices” – process of approving invoices including automatic documentation during the entire approval process and the subsequent entry, “Contracts” – process of proposing and approving contracts with the option to approve on several levels and with regard for time limitations, “Travel Orders” – proposal of approving business trips, including approvals of expenses and subsequent entry, “Integration to third-party systems”

Key Features

  • The application is available via a web browser
  • Unified, exactly defined document process
  • High-level of security of access to data and manipulation with that data – Oracle database
  • Approval process modification

  • Email notifications of tasks and escalations
  • Simple delegation of roles/employees
  • Possible integration with other ARBES systems (FEIS, DMS), or third-party systems

Main Advantages

  • Unified system of approving documents
  • Saving manual tasks, automation and minimization of errors
  • Access to selected documents and operations via a web browser
  • Processing and monitoring the process of the circulation of documents from the WorkFlow system from the FEIS system as well

  • Monitoring, evaluations and elimination of problem phases of the process and its subsequent optimization
  • The option of an operative and quick search of all documents and attachments
  • Administration of tasks, escalations and delegation of authority allows to secure effective processes
  • Independent solution integrated with the ARBES FEIS system with the option to integrate to other systems and data sources

ARBES Reporting


The ARBES Reporting solution is a state-of-the-art web application that contains an intuitive user interface, which integrates main reporting and analytical functions (ad-hoc analyses, dashboards (report panels) and personalized reports). The solution brings an immediate overview of the profit/loss, overview of receivables past their due date, cash-flow, plan fulfillment as compared to the expected results, or other indicators reported for the product or customer including a quick analysis and evaluation in the form of graphs, indicators and trend curves.



The ECM/BPM solutions cover a wide range of needs of financial institutions, public administration organizations and healthcare organizations, which work with large volumes of documents and need to simplify and optimize their business processes.

ARBES Technologies offers these state-of-the-art systems for the management, sharing and archiving of documents and contents, as well as a solution for the management, support and automation of the business processes on the tested and technologically advanced EMC Documentum platform.

We find enjoyment in modern methods of development and state of the art technology.

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