GDPR Workshop: Be One Step Ahead

At the start of the GDPR workshop, Petr Majer from ARBES Technologies demonstrated the readiness of ARBES Technologies products for GDPR and he invited participants to additional workshops planned to further discuss GDPR.

Michal Nulíček from Rowan Legal presented GDPR as a revolution in personal data protection and explained how to start and coordinate such a project as well as how much time and costs needs to be allocated for it. Vít Lidinský from TayllorCox spoke on the implementation of GDPR in financial institutions and on how to set up processes within these financial institutions, what needs to change as well as the role of the DPO (Data Protection Officer).

Finally, ARBES Technologies representatives Dušan Chvojka, Ondřej Brojír, Michal Vokr, Tomáš Dušek and Kamil Horák explained the status of GDPR projects within individual ARBES Technologies products.