Foxconn DRC Is Developing Software with a Solution from ARBES Technologies

Foxconn DRC Is Developing Software with a Solution from ARBES Technologies

Foxconn has built a new Foxconn DRC development center in the Czech Republic. As a result, there is a need for a system for the management of projects and other processes connected with company operations, and which will cover a wide spectrum of functionalities. “We had experience with similar issue-tracking systems and we wanted to have the best of the best in the newly founded Foxconn DRC. We have selected the JIRA system and ARBES Technologies as the supplier, because of their experience with configuration, customization and operations of this solution,” says Milan Kůs, Head of the Project Office at Foxconn DRC.

The main goal was to find software that would allow for support of the current  Foxconn DRC development methodology in the JIRA software and a basis for B2C service desk in JIRA Service Desk as well as to create an intranet in the Confluence system. At the beginning, it seemed that this would be a trivial task for ARBES since the implementation was supposed to just cover the basic configuration and the takeover of functionalities, on which we have worked at ARBES within JIRA Confluence for the past two years. It became apparent, however, that some functionalities must be modified and that there is a need for Atlassian in the solutions at Foxconn DRC as well as a need for functionalities that ARBES substitutes via other systems. An example of this is a development methodology or displaying absences and employees’ business trips.

ARBES has a different composition of project teams than Foxconn DRC, therefore the implementation of agile methodology of development in JIRA had to be modified accordingly.  The know-how and experience of the management at Foxconn DRC with agile projects was applied during this task. “Another problem, which we encountered in the course of the project was the calendar of absences. We developed a plugin ARBES Calendar for Foxconn DRC, which displays absences and business trips of employees directly in JIRA,” explains Tomáš Štalmach from ARBES Technologies.

The JIRA solution was also connected to the Pamica salary payment system by ARBES specialists in cooperation with Foxconn DRC. This allows for better approvals of time sheets and improvement in working with vacation schedules. In the future, project role temporary replacements will be simplified in the future.

Thanks to the JIRA platform in connection with Confluence, the ARBES Technologies experts have created an ideal solution, which is capable of replacing a large number of separate systems, which are oftentimes expensive and difficult to integrate. “Thanks to JIRA, we are able to manage work on agile projects when developing software in an optimal manner,” says Milan Kůs, Head of the Foxconn DRC project office. It is the main IT system for the entire company, which covers effective project management, approvals, time sheets etc. The management team has obtained an easily accessible overview of the situation within the company with the option of generating reports. The solution also supports simple coordination of work on projects with other members of the team. “One hundred percent of reported hours are already assigned to tasks, which employees have worked on in the JIRA system,” explains Milan Kůs.

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