Document management system

The amount of information in paper or electronic format, which circulates through every organization is growing exponentially. Support from information technologies especially for archiving, digitalization, publishing and management of content is basically a part of every information system today. With the number of applications and information systems in an organization, you will soon realize that it is economically sound to manage all “content” in one location.

Our DMS team will help with your proposal, implementation and optimization of the comprehensive management of documents, starting with their digitalization, rule application and access authorizations, management and distribution within business processes, transformation, electronic archiving and security. Our team is a certificate holder for the implementation of the most effective DMS solution in the world.



Processing over 1 million documents every day


User interface for ten thousand users


Do you wish to switch to a paperless office?

We offer a solution for the switch from a paper office to an office only working with electronic documents.

Do your documents circulate through the company uncontrollably? Do documents get lost?

Our solution offers comprehensive administration of content including safe storage, authorized access and optimization of the circulation of documents through an organization.

Do you need automatic generation of documents?

ARBES Templating offers generation of documents, emails and text messages based on proposed templates and defined data sources.

Are you dealing with the implementation of a digital archive and its possibilities?

Our solution offers long-term secure storage with a guarantee of the legal effect of documents for an unlimited time period.

Are you looking for a biometric signature of documents?

Our solution offers the integration of a biometric signature into document processing.

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