Besides the implementation of our products or third-party products, our company also specializes in custom software development. Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to determine the exact moment when it is not suitable to use a product but it is better to develop a customized application so that the final solution covers the customer’s requirements.

Our consultants are able to clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of a product solution and a customized solution so that the customer is able to make a qualified decision.

We are different from other companies in that we develop the product as one team together with the customer with one shared common goal in mind. We are able to adjust to different approaches to development, be it a classic “waterfall” model or a “scrum” model or a combination of both. Selecting the correct model is always one of the basic and first decisions that we make together with the customer and it stems from the customer’s options and readiness for the various models.

Our goal is always to establish a long-term partnership based on trust and satisfaction rather than short-term partnerships.


  • Experience from other implementations
  • Knowledge of the customer’s business
  • Latest technologies and tools
  • Verified methodology of implementation (from collecting requirements, through developmental processes up to testing procedures)

  • Strong project management
  • Knowledge of a whole line of technological frameworks
  • Experience from system integrations

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