Credit risk management

A frequent key moment for the success of a financial institution or a trading company is risk management related to loans or invoice sales. How to do it? What data to use? How to objectively and automatically evaluate it? – our experts for CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT are tackling these questions.

We help our clients implement and/or set up an automated system for decision-making support. Our goal is for our clients to have a solution for their everyday needs but also to also have the option to modify the solution to fit their own risk and trade management strategies depending on the situation on the market.

Selected organizations using the schufa dss platform

Key features

  • Definition of business strategies
  • Segmenting
  • Cut-off line setup

  • Setting up scorecards
  • Implementation and evaluation of various sources for support of decisions
  • Strategy optimization (what-if analyses, champion/challenger)

When to implement the arbes decision engine?

  • Do you need online or batch scoring/rating (credit bureau, fraud, behavioral, collection) of your clients?
  • Do you want decision-making rights to be fully set-up by the users?

  • Do you want automatic evaluations of business regulations (online decision-making, calculations, segmentations) and strategies during decisions?
  • Do you need optimization of evaluation strategies (what-if, champion-challenger)?

Main advantages for your business

  • Very short implementation period
  • Participation of business analysts and risk managers in the implementation and set-up of rules (following training)
  • Lower dependency of users on IT – decision-making rules are set via the graphic interface and simple expressions without the need for IT or the supplier
  • System performance and short response time (in a matter of milliseconds)

  • Advanced What-if and Champion-challenger methods
  • SOA platform (webservices, JMS or connection directly to TCP/IP port)
  • Language localization (Czech, German and English versions)
  • Not dependent on OS (MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, …)
  • Individual storage of decision-making rules for the entire organization

Examples of use

  • Pre-scoring
  • Loan processes

  • Loan consolidation
  • Factoring and forfaiting

  • Factoring and forfaiting
  • Portfolio monitoring, setting up credit limits

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