Consumer financing

ARBES offers companies on the consumer financing market a solution, which unites the support of key business processes with ultramodern technologies. A solution that can be easily set up and extended according to the specific client’s needs. Thanks to the automation of sale and approval processes together with simple administration of all components, it offers a tool that allows effective operations as well as establishing trends in this segment.


  • workflow setup by users and supporting the online processing of applications together with a front-end application for individual users
  • automatic processing of data from sources available online
  • simply configurable tool for decision support – Risk Decision Support System allowing for the setup of a wide scale of decision processes, business rules, scorecards, segmentations etc. including their execution and connection to application processing workflow
  • sales managers have all the information necessary for the sale online together with information on their current performance, goals etc. in a multi-platform application

  • simple administration of products, employees, partners allowing for quick and flexible reactions to a market situation
  • real-time reporting of sale and risk results, their comparison with the plan and automatic distribution to relevant users simplifying the process
  • web portal for clients, which provides information on active products, current offers, allowing for certain requests to be processed online
  • web portal for partners, providing information on business results, commissions, plan fulfillment etc. allowing for certain requests to be processed online

The ARBES CF solution can be easily integrated with current systems and applications on the client side. Our experts have vast experience from the financial sector and that is why they are able to offer a wide spectrum of services:

  • Consulting and analysis of current trends and the option of using modern technologies to fulfill strategic retail bank goals
  • Consulting in the area of planning out IT infrastructures and solutions as well as the creation of IT strategies
  • Contracting out/bodyshopping of experienced experts for programming or project management

  • Information system implementation
  • Development of specialized custom-order software

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