Business Intelligence

Our goal is to provide our customer an advantage over the competition using a user-friendly business intelligence solution, which will cover the key areas for its decision-making from any area of programming. The goal is to provide the customer with a fast implementation (deployment into production environment within weeks), attractive price (good price/performance ratio), modular architecture (allows for selection of modules according to the customer’s needs), independent of source systems (including integration of any files of a favorite office tool) and full automation support.

With the help of our BI experts, you can make the management process more efficient and easily uncover and remove bottlenecks in the existing company processes. We understand processes in the area of healthcare, controlling, financial services, leasing and business processes in general.


We begin where your data ends!


Data Warehousing

From all the unsorted data, we only mine that, which is necessary for your decision-making processes, we transform it and consolidate it so that you are able to view your data using various views. Data will be centralized and permanently stored in the data warehouse. Primary systems will no longer be burdened. Your data will make sense and will provide you with all the relevant information.

Busines Intelligence

We believe the BI solution is not as much about the tools but more about the knowledge of the business. We will help you build a new BI solution or we will help you extend the current one independently of the platform used so that your BI will make sense and provide the required added value!


Report consumers (end users) will regularly receive information in the required format and they will have the option of ad-hoc inquiries via interactive tools. We will automate the reporting process at your company thereby saving you significant staff and financial resources.

Data Integration

Data integration from various systems is one of the basic building blocks of the BI solution. Our attention is focused on data mining from sources, which have the highest added value for the end customer. These are not only the internal company systems but in many cases we also mine data from public registers, social networks and data sources with an incompletely defined data structure. Our integration tools are user-friendly, contain graphic user interface and bring the final administrator a quick insight into the data processing world.

Portal Solution

Do you use a portal solution at your company? E.g.: SharePoint, LifeRay and others? We will integrate the delivered solution into the used portal so that the impact on its users is minimal. BI will not become another application that will burden key users but will be a helpful assistant.


We will design the needed HW infrastructure including its scalability for your solution. Do you need to reduce costs related to buying and operating HW infrastructure? We offer you the option to run a BI solution as a service on a public as well as a private cloud. It is of course expendable with regard for growth of the company, clientèle, etc.


The delivery of correct data to the correct people is a crucial matter within BI. We have experience from the banking and financial institution sector, where the question of security is key.

Data Migration

The switch to a new information/management system brings a number of complications with the transfer of data. Take advantage of our solution for a problem-free transfer to a new system. This step can also start the process of improving data quality in your company.

Consulting, Advisory

We discuss all issues with our clients openly – their needs and solution options for their specific requirements. We use our many years of experience on projects we have already carried out, “best practices” and experiences of segment-oriented business analysts.

Which technologies do we use?

We select ARBES BI solution technologies based on individual requirements of the end customer. A decisive factor for the selection is mainly the required functionality, performance, price, level of security, openness and the option of integration with other systems. Our technological portfolio is adjusted so that these factors are fulfilled variably.

BI Platform

ARBES Reporting

It is a universal reporting and analytical platform, which is intended for companies of all sizes and areas. The platform integrates the basic administration (user administration, report catalog, planning tasks etc.) and reporting functions (ad-hoc analyses, static personified reports and interactive dashboards – report panels) in a web portal environment. Reporting and analytical components use data from the OLAP server, data warehouse or from any other data source (the number of data sources is not limited). The creation of reporting outputs occurs in an intuitive user environment of the application, which is customized for users who are not too technically savvy (no need to know programming for example). The platform is built on verified open-source technologies, is open for further expansion and is ready for integration to other information systems.

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g/12c

It is a reporting and analytical platform that integrates a set of tools for advanced visualization of reporting outputs such as ad-hoc analyses, publishable reports, interactive dashboards, scorecards, KPL, segment trees and others. The advantage of the platform is the availability of all reporting functions in an intuitive web environment of the application and the option to quickly create reporting outputs (by simply dragging the attributes with the mouse). It is a fully standardized technology including the latest trends, methods and functionalities necessary for strategic and operational company management. The platform is one of the top leaders in BI.

Microsoft SQL 2008/2012/2014

A unified set of tools for data processing and data interpretation, which covers the database server (MSSQL), integration services for data processing (SSIS), analytical services for simplification of access to data in the database (SSAS), reporting applications (MS Excel, SSRS, Power Pivot and Power View) and a platform for sharing and cooperation between users (MS Sharepoint). The advantage of the platform is the robustness of the provided functionalities, which allow for a complete fulfillment of the BI and reporting process.

ETL Tools


A tool developed by ARBES Technologies that covers the ETL process completely. Its strong point is independence from source data, wide options of data transformation extension, integration with the Enterprise Architect tool and easy usability. The definition of data flow together with the structure of the data warehouse is modeled in the Enterprise Architect application. Included in this tool is a system for logging data transfers, which allows recording the history of transfers including information on time of launch, completion, status, number of transferred records and error messages if a transfer is unsuccessful. The ARBES ETL tool offers a unique connection between the data warehouse structure proposal and the data transfer proposal, whereby the administration of these parts is centralized into one agenda. The Pentaho Data Integrator (Kettle) is a graphic superstructure in the ARBES ETL tool and allows for the creation of advanced workflow processes. Data transformations are created in an intuitive graphic interface by selection and mutual interconnection of graphic components. Data transformations are further aggregated into logical blocks –  jobs, which can be launched ad-hoc or planned ahead. The transformation/job progress is recorded in log files or a database.

Microsoft Integration Services

A tool designated for the integration of data supporting the graphic developmental environment. It offers the tools for a quick and intuitive proposal of ETL processes, wide array of options for data transformations including copying and downloading files, sending email messages as a reaction to various events, updating data warehouses, clearing, mining and administration of data and server objects. Is a part of the standard MS SQL Server component package.

DB systems

Oracle Database 11g/12c, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

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