The ARBES Technologies team has been implementing financial systems in the Czech Republic and abroad for 23 years. We are one of the most experienced technological companies in the area of finance in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our many years of experience and history, we have built realistic and functional solutions to cover the needs of every retail banking institution.

Besides our key ARBES OBS Core product, your bank will be serviced by ARBES FEIS, ARBES TOPAS, ARBES BI, ARBES ECM, ARBES myTrader, ARBES Leasing, ARBES BPM, ARBES Portal.



  • We only use ultramodern and standardized components (we do not use any proprietary technologies)
  • Where possible and safe, we use a solution based on open-source technologies (we maintain an attractive price/performance ratio for our clients)
  • We only use standardized BIAN methodology for describing services and functionalities


  • Robust three-layer architecture of all solutions
  • Shared data model supports simple modularity and expandability

  • Support of multichannel access thanks to the ultramodern architecture of the solution
  • Component access allows for simple integration with third-party systems

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