ARBES TOPAS Expands its Activities on Foreign Stock Exchanges

ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech supplier of software solutions for banking and finance, presents what is new in its successful ARBES TOPAS system for trading on capital and money markets. The system is now technologically connected to the trading platform of the Bratislava Stock Exchange (BCPB) and is also certified for the new trading platform of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

The main news in ARBES TOPAS include the introduction of Direct Market Access (DMA) between the  ARBES TOPAS system and the Bratislava Stock Exchange, which allows for direct online sending of auction orders and trades from the ARBES TOPAS system and subsequent automated processing of ongoing delivered notifications from the stock exchange. The new solution especially contributes to the optimization of the agenda of front-office users and allows large institutional investors to have DMA access to all supported markets.
Poštová Banka was the first company to use this new functionality within the implementation scope of the ARBES TOPAS comprehensive solution for the area of capital and money markets, which will be deployed into the production environment during the summer.
Apart from a closer connection to the Bratislava Stock Exchange, ARBES TOPAS has also gained certification for connection to the new business platform of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and gained the Independent Software Vendor certificate for the Universal Trading Platform (UTP) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This UTP business platform has been taken over from NYSE Technologies, which is actively using it on many world stock exchanges, e.g. in New York, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Brussels.
 ”Communication between the ARBES TOPAS application and the Warsaw Stock Exchange runs on the level of a FIX protocol. ARBES TOPAS supports not only the manual entry of trading instructions and their sending directly to the market by a stock exchange member but also provides two-way communication which allows for DMA access to the market to also be offered to large institutional investors. This access is possible both by direct connection using the FIX protocol as well as by using the trading module of the Bloomberg or Reuters information agencies,“ stated Stanislav Švec from ARBES Technologies, adding that: “The first implementation of the new UTP interface was carried out for our significant client Equilor Zrt. that trades securities, and was a logical continuation of our successful collaboration of more than two years.“


In addition to the functionality for the management of investments, accounting and trading, ARBES TOPAS, which administers more than 70% of resources cumulated in Czech investment funds, provides its users with a number of methods for valuating portfolios of publicly traded securities and common types of OTC derivatives. The system archives all prices loaded from the renowned agencies Reuters and Bloomberg. Net asset value (NAV) is determined on the basis of automated valuation and is subsequently used as the starting point for a wide range of related calculations (real-time limit checks, portfolio performance comparisons, etc.). The solution is also equipped with a set of interfaces for the export and import of trades, for communication with selected markets and banks – either directly or through the SWIFT protocol.

ARBES TOPAS is currently able to provide full support for online trading on stock exchanges in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.  Connecting to the unified XETRA system at the end of last year made it possible to also administer the remaining markets within the central European group of stock exchanges  CEESEG using the ARBES TOPAS system or to enter the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt am Mein as a member. In the past year, ARBES Technologies has also finished connecting to the leading world agent  MARCO POLO, hereby complementing the portfolio of global traders of the FIDESSA and PINNACLE securities through which it is possible to trade on almost any world market.