ARBES Technologies, the prominent Czech developer and supplier of information systems for banking and finance, which recently celebrated the 23rd anniversary of its entry on the market, signed a contract for the delivery of a front-end portal and underwriting solution for a leading leasing company UniCredit Leasing, for the Czech and Slovak market. The project itself was launched in October 2014, with full operation scheduled within two to three years.

ARBES Technologies offers its solutions using state of the art technologies that are in compliance with international standards, as well as the latest market trends. The new front-end solution will cover all the needs of front-office applications of UniCredit Leasing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The delivery will include a comprehensive solution for clients, dealers, importers, as well as a solution for operational financing, and fleet management. The solution delivered by ARBES reflects best practices in IT, it is SOA compatible, horizontally, as well as vertically scalable, which will allow the solution to grow along with the needs of UniCredit Leasing in time.

From a technological standpoint, the solution is based on the ARBES Framework, EMC Documentum xCP, and Schufa DSS enterprise platforms. Within the project, ARBES Framework will provide mainly the web portal for the work of dealers, importers and customers of UCL. EMC Documentum will then take care of the process workflow, including the entire process of approving an application for financing services, and DSS Schufa will be responsible for the calculation and decision engine.

The new solution will cover the approval of credit and leasing for small and mid-sized companies, for individuals, as well as small-time entrepreneurs. The front-end solution will be integrated to the back-end solution, the implementation of which is currently underway at UniCredit Leasing. The technological connectedness of these solutions corresponds to the UniCredit Leasing’s strategic project to optimize and consolidate processes, increase their speed and the efficiency of data transfers for the approval of financing in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate environment.

“We are offering UniCredit Leasing a modern, advanced and comprehensive solution that meets the needs of a leasing company and that is based on a robust architecture of the selected platforms of the portal, user front-end, BPM process and decision engine DSS supplied by Schufa,” said the CEO of ARBES Technologies, Jan Denemark.


UniCredit Leasing CZ, a. s., is a universal company in the area of non-banking financing with strong support of the renowned European banking group UniCredit. Since it was founded in 1991 (under the business name CAC LEASING), UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. has been one of the market leaders, and in the past few years it has been the largest and most significant company in the area of non-banking financing in the Czech Republic. Since 2014, UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. has been part of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. UniCredit is the 100% owner of the following subsidiaries – UniCredit Fleet Management, s.r.o., and UniCredit pojišťovací makléřská, spol. s r.o. In the company RCI Financial Services, s.r.o., UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. holds half of the ownership share, the other half belonging to the French RCI Banque S.A. Another joint venture is UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s., in which UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. holds 8.8 % of the shares. In the Czech Republic, UniCredit Group includes also UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. (originated through the merger of HVB Bank and Živnostenská banka), the investment company Pioneer Investments and UniCredit CAIB Czech Republic, a. s.