ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech developer and supplier of information systems for banking and finance has introduced a new online platform for trading on capital and money markets.

ARBES myTrader allows professionals as well as beginning investors who are just starting out to make investments from anywhere, even the comfort of their own home. It brings several innovative functions such as social trading and advanced analytics. “It is a superstructure of our successful ARBES TOPAS product, which is targeted at portfolio management,” said Jan Denemark, the CEO of ARBES Technologies and added:  “Since ARBES TOPAS manages a significant segment of total trading on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian capital markets, myTrader can be an enticing choice for our current clients who can use it to offer their investors a technologically excellent trading platform.”

The myTrader application is designed to be widely configurable and allow for easy control by all types of investors – from beginners to professionals. It is a modular solution that allows for only those parts (modules) of the system to be implemented that the given security trader needs. The system can thus be easily adjusted to individual requirements. There is an emphasis on intuitive and modern design so that advanced functions for professional investors are user-friendly and can be easily understood by beginning investors as well. ARBES myTrader contains several innovative functions, such as so-called “social trading.”

“Investors are currently making decisions primarily based on fundamental and technical data analysis of the given investment product. Social trading will allow for each investor to monitor investing decisions of other investors online. A beginner investor can thus monitor a senior specialist on investments into shares on the Prague Stock Exchange etc. It is similar to “sharing” information on social networks transported into the world of investing,” explained Jan Denemark.

Integration to providers of online and real-time data is also included in the solution so that each investor always sees the latest trading data on the screen. The system obtains market messages from 30 primary data providers. The solution is also equipped with analytical modules for the analysis of long-term trends and allows for the creation of interactive graphs and charts.  ARBES myTrader is built technologically on HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards so that it is compatible with computers, notebooks as well as with mobile devices such as tablets, notebooks and smartphones.