ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech developer of information systems for small and medium-sized companies, the state administration, self-administration and healthcare organizations, has successfully transformed the comprehensive management information system for Central Bohemian hospitals into a cloud service.

As part of the process of optimizing the administration and operations of MIS (Management Information System) at regional Central Bohemian hospitals, a decision has been made to transform the system to a cloud service. Now the guarantor of development and administration of MIS – the Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov hospital – has an overview of how much it costs to run MIS as a whole and it also has a guarantee that ARBES Technologies, as provider, shall take care of all the necessary components of the system.

“We can say the transformation was a success and a benefit following more than six months of operations,” says Filip Zítko, the economic deputy of the Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov hospital and continues:  “The previous operating MIS environment was outdated. We considered the option to purchase a new server but this proved to be quite costly.  We also considered the issue of connectivity as well as system administration and maintenance. Running the system on our own is quite taxing on personnel resources. By transferring the system to a cloud service, we have eliminated the costs related to purchasing new HW, we have a guaranteed high-level of system accessibility and we have also transferred all the responsibility of operations, administration and maintenance to the provider.

“Transforming MIS to a cloud service has proven to be an ideal solution for us as provider,” says Michal Houštecký, Director of the Banking and Company Information Systems Division and adds:   “The burdensome situation with the critical state of the old server was unendurable for a long period of time. As guarantor of system functionalities, we faced problems with the application being unavailable every day. Following the transformation, we have the system fully under control and are able to resolve any problem immediately and guarantee the client a high-level of service availability. We are pleased that the client has selected the optimal solution in terms of price vs. quality of provided services and has thereby gotten rid of the burden of responsibility for operations and has thus saved financial resources as a result.”

On the Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov Regional Hospital

In the course of its existence, the Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov Regional Hospital has grown quickly. The modern healthcare facility that provides its patients top quality care on a global level in a number of specialties grew from a small county general hospital on the edge of town. The hospital initially consisted of only four buildings and now boasts premises made up of 8 pavilions and other administration and maintenance buildings. The hospital provides services to the entire area between the Vltava and Sázava rivers from the boarder of Eastern Bohemia and South Bohemia up to the boarder of Prague. The hospital services almost 100 000 citizens. A specific issue is coverage of care in the recreational area along the Sázava river and a section of the Vltava river, where during the summer, the number of citizens in the region grows by tens of thousands.