ARBES Is Successfully Automating Business Processes at Equa Bank

Equa Bank made a decision last summer to make a change from the internal development of the Documentum software platform implementation for the support of its business processes and document storage to instead outsource these activities and services. Based on the announced tender selection process and the proposals it received, Equa Bank selected ARBES Technologies – a Czech company, a leading partner of EMC Documentum and a European supplier of software solutions for banking and finance.

ARBES Technologies was successful in the tender selection process and as of September, it has completely taken over responsibility for support, maintenance and development of applications which Equa Bank uses to automate and manage their business processes. ARBES Technologies experts impressed Equa Bank mainly because of their immense spectrum of experience from projects in the banking sector and a wealth of knowledge in terms of the needs and processes of a dynamic bank. They also made a commitment as part of the offer to optimize supported systems and the mentioned applications, and to make their operations more effective in terms of quality as well as price.

“Equa Bank was looking for a reliable partner for the maintenance and development of EMC Documentum applications.  A partner who would offer the necessary quality for applications critical for bank operations and at the same would also provide flexibility in terms of supporting our business and development plans. In the tender process and 9 months of working together since, ARBES Technologies has demonstrated a consistently high level of professionalism and service quality that makes them a top tier service provider.” stated Leoš Pýtr, COO Equa bank.

As part of the proposed offer, ARBES proposed a set of preventive steps that led to immediate support of maintenance of the systems being taken over as well as the strategic and long-term development of these systems.

 „Simply put, we used the know-how that we have in terms of operations and development of the ECM/BPM solution, and together with the business plans and ambitions of the bank we were able to plan maintenance and development steps including a guarantee to permanently lower operational and investment costs of the taken-over solutions,” stated Jan Denemark, CEO of ARBES Technologies.

About Equa Bank

Equa Bank, formerly Banco Popolare Česká republika a.s. was acquired by Equa Group Limited in June 2011. The shareholders of Equa Group Limited are funds advised by AnaCap Financial Partners LLP, a private equity advisory firm that specializes in the financial services sector. Equa Bank offers personal and business banking with a number of different products. It offers current and savings accounts, term deposits, mortgages, consumer loan refinancing and also an offer aimed at businesses and small business owners.