ARBES Helps Mediaservis Increase Effectiveness of Deliveries

As of this January, Mediaservis distributes all address and non-address deliveries via a new information system called NEMESIS. This has also contributed to the fact that with the fall of the Czech Post monopoly, several operators and banks have begun to use Mediaservis for the delivery of their mass correspondence.  This alternative postal operator has implemented a new IS with support from ARBES Technologies, a leading European supplier of information systems for automation of company processes.

Mediaservis had decided to make its organizational scheme and processes more effective as of Fall 2012 in correlation with the above-mentioned liberalization of the postal market as of January 1st,  2013. That is why a decision to change the information system had been made in order to speed up processes, to optimize the scheduling of individual distribution waves and to reach a comprehensive interconnection of trade, operations and economy. There are over 6500 carriers at Mediaservis for address and non-address deliveries who are all evaluated and rewarded based on quality and performance.

ARBES Technologies, which is a system integrator for the newly implemented information system will continue to provide support and development of the above-mentioned solution. “We firmly believe that thanks to the experience and hard work of the specialists at ARBES Technologies who helped us prepare the NEMESIS system for our needs in a relatively short amount of time, we will continue to offer our clientele an enticing alternative to the Czech Post,” Martin Dzúr, Director of Mediaservis commented on the successful NEMESIS IS implementation.

The ECM/BPM division of ARBES Technologies is responsible for the implementation.  This division’s long-term focus has been on solutions for content administration, document flow and business process management. The project was carried out in record time with only 12 weeks passing from the time work on the project began to its running live. As of January 2013, Mediaservis is thus able to offer their customers more cost-effective and higher quality services than the competition.

More specifically, Mediaservis will make 4.5 million address deliveries this January alone.  It is poised to gain a 5% share of the letter delivery market (about 500 million units per year). This alternative postal operator has made about 2 billion address deliveries since 1999 with a 99.9% success rate. It also plans to distribute about 1 billion fliers this year. It is able to cover the entire country: all 6250 municipalities and 4.6 million post boxes.

About Mediaservis
Mediaservis is the only alternative postal operator that provides services using its own employees throughout the entire Czech Republic. It uses its distribution network to deliver subscription newspapers and magazines and all forms of address and non-address direct mail deliveries.