ARBES Helps Manage Healthcare in Central Bohemia

The Central Bohemian Regional Office has implemented the ARBES Hospital BI management information system, which unifies and simplifies consolidate reporting whereby significantly improving the economic management of all regional healthcare institutions making them more effective in the process.  The entire solution is based on the Oracle platform and ARBES Technologies carried out its implementation in a matter of weeks.  ARBES Technologies is a leading Czech supplier of information and management systems in the area of healthcare and finance. 

One of the main reasons why the Central Bohemian Regional Office had decided to implement a modern information system to manage all its healthcare institutions was the discordance between various charts of accounts, methodologies, organizational structures, key marker definitions and process reporting. Healthcare institutions had been preparing reports for the Regional Office manually and in irregular intervals. They had been obtaining data from over 25 operational systems, however, which had resulted in a high error frequency and the process was time consuming.  This method had also made large demands on IT, economic departments and system suppliers.

Centralization of Healthcare Institution Management and Their Data Integration

The primary goal of the project was to integrate and centralize economic, medicinal, pharmaceutical, human resources and technical operational systems of all the five regional healthcare institutions into one consolidated data structure. The charts of accounts have been unified as well as the accounting methodologies, organization structures and all hospital outputs. ARBES Technologies consultants have also implemented automated data transfers from all primary systems and have prepared convenient user outputs using the Oracle Business Intelligence tool.

Advantages for Organizers and Institutions

The main advantage of this implementation of a management information system in the Central Bohemian healthcare institutions is the centralization and automation of processing input data and updating required regional outputs. The project has brought the Regional Office who organized the project a wide scope of options for monitoring, planning, checking and last but not least, comparing the performances of the individual healthcare institutions.  The organizer as well as the management of the individual institutions can now easily compare the performance and productivity of individual business divisions, head physicians or specialties.  They can easily expose the overproduction of certain procedures or the ineffective use of emergency hospital beds. In addition, the solution also includes monitoring and control of regulation mechanisms stemming from the current official payment regulation and maintains limits stemming from individual contractual relationships between the healthcare institutions and insurance companies. This all brings significant savings to the Central Bohemian Region, which is made apparent in the fact that the return of this investment will be made within 2 years.

“Speaking long-term, we expect significant benefits in the form of decreasing ineffective use of financial means and increasing revenue, all thanks to the optimization of business management at these healthcare institutions. These benefits are hard to enumerate but they will certainly be in the neighborhood of millions of Czech Crowns per year for each healthcare institution included in this project,” stated Tomáš Denemark, Head of the Economic and Financial Systems Division at ARBES Technologies. He added: “I believe that with this project we have managed to create a useful product, which thanks to its universal features can also provide aid in solving issues of effective management at other healthcare institutions in the Czech Republic.”

IT Project of the Year

The significance and singularity of this project is also supported by the fact that it was a finalist at the IT Project of the Year 2012 event organized by the Czech Association of Information Technology Sector Managers (CACIO).