ARBES Technologies, a leading European provider of information systems for banking, financial markets and the healthcare sector, has published its financial results for 2020. Revenue increased by 13% to 387 million crowns. Operating profit reached 58.8 million crowns before taxes, which means a 61% year-on-year growth.

ARBES Technologies reached continual growth both in sales as well as profit over the last five years – from 2016 to 2020. “The highest company sales ever were surpassed once again in 2020. This year, we plan not only to continue organic sales growth but above all, to approach half a billion crowns,” says Jiří Žůrek, member of the Board of Directors and CFO of ARBES Technologies. Growing sales of the company’s own information systems also contributed to the strong financial performance. ARBES Technologies delivered and managed these information systems to many key clients especially in finance and healthcare. In addition to brand new implementations such as the implementation of a product for a Czech commodities trader, the extension of cooperation with a Slovak investment company, the delivery of new functions for clients in the distribution of investment banking products, projects in Amundi Group companies, Bank CREDITAS and Raiffeisenbank also continued.

In spite of the complicated situation due to the corona pandemic, companies in the ARBES Technologies group were able to solidify their position on the market of software solution providers thanks to continued development and innovation of their products using modern technologies. In addition, two subsidiary companies were added to the holding in the last three years. ARBES acquired Slovak company Finamis in 2018. Finamis is a leading provider of IT solutions for financial institutions from the investment banking and leasing sectors. INBRAIT, which is a female-oriented start-up, was created at the end of 2019. INBRAIT’s mission is to supply organizations with specialists – who are now missing – in the field of information technology by outsourcing IT capacities.

Several projects await for ARBES Technologies this year – along with new applications for end users of their clients, the company also plans to launch its own digital platform. The company will also celebrate its 30-year anniversary. “As a provider of unique information systems on the European scale, we create ‘oligopolistic’ and product-oriented business in lucrative segments. We were the first to implement direct banking in the Czech Republic in 1998. We created and delivered a core banking system for eBanka, now part of Raiffeisenbank, which revolutionized bank access via internet,” points out Jiří Žůrek.

ARBES Technologies will continue to innovate its products, find room for improvements and unify and productize the integration and front-end solutions it uses. It brings long-term and practical experience in setting up banking and investment services to its solutions, especially with regard to local regulatory and reporting requirements. “We shall continue to increase our role as the top provider of information systems for financial markets and banking. We have excellent consultants and know-how at our disposal and that is one of the reasons why we are able to offer such first-class services. We always keep our word,” adds Jiří Žůrek in conclusion.