ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech developer and supplier of information systems for small and medium-sized companies, the state administration, self-administration and healthcare organizations, has released a new version of the successful ARBES FEIS 16 system.

ARBES Technologies will release the new 16th version of its ERP ARBES FEIS system in the first week of June like every year. Apart from several small modifications and improvements, the new version contains two major upgrades – QR code support and a new reporting module.

Today we encounter QR codes every day, be it on tourist information signs or in advertising fliers. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, the scope of their functionalities is also expanding. We have selected the most frequently used version of QR codes for the economic ARBES FEIS information system. In the new version, FEIS can generate and place a QR payment into printing, i.e. a code with payment data from an issued invoice so that every customer can simply load the invoice using his or her mobile phone and make an immediate payment. It is also possible to display any partner from the ARBES FEIS system in QR vcard format and thereby simply transfer the data to a mobile device and add it to other contacts.

A second significant new feature this year is the introduction of the new FEIS Reporting module, which is built on the successful ARBES Reporting platform. Last year, ARBES Reporting became a finalist in the IT Product 2014 contest. Thanks to the release of the new version of ARBES FEIS 16, our customers have the advantage of using ARBES Reporting. The new module is used for the purposes of reporting and analysis of economic data from the ARBES FEIS system. The basic configuration package of the module contains a set of predefined reports/dashboards and an analytical layer in the form of OLAP cubes which allows for easy analysis of accounting data with a simple attribute drag and drop feature. The solution can be extended to include other data areas, not only from the ARBES FEIS system but from other operating systems as well, which makes it possible for the system to become the central reporting system of the organization.


ARBES FEIS is a modern, technologically advanced and a user-friendly company information system. It is an ideal solution for companies and organizations that wish to automate their routine activities, to optimize their processes for the economic, accounting and tax agenda, to ensure transparency and to reach a higher level of effectiveness and savings. Thanks to the modular structure and a wide spectrum of parameterization options it can be used for any type of economic subject or market segment. Financial institutions as well as manufacturing and business companies and healthcare organizations can all profit from using ARBES FEIS. The system is not dependent on Czech legislature and is successfully being used in a number of other countries. The history of the ARBES FEIS ERP system goes as far back as 1994 when its first version was introduced on the market. Since then, the system has been implemented for hundreds of customers. During this whole time, meticulous attention has been – and continues to be – paid to the maintenance and development of the system as well as to client care.