ARBES Becomes Partner of SCHUFA

ARBES Technologies,  provider of software solutions for banking and finance, has become a partner of the German SCHUFA company for the implementation of a Decision Support System (DSS) for support in risk management decision-making based on decisive strategies, scorecards and business regulations. 

The ARBES Technologies portfolio efficiently and more effectively covers the solution for automatic data analysis, its segmentation, calculation and risk evaluation, champion-challenger methodology and “what-if” analysis. These functions will be of use during the processes of approval, management or collection of consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance and in the area of portfolio monitoring.  As part of several implementations, the system has been certified in accordance with Basel II accords.

“The purpose of each decision is to maximize potential profit while retaining adequate risk. Decisions need to be carried out in the shortest amount of time possible and are often based on a large quantity of evaluated data, as is the case with credit checks during the loan approval process, when ordering credit cards online, during regular monitoring of a current product portfolio, and when evaluating fraud risk,” Jan Denemark, CEO of ARBES Technologies explains the scope of usage of the DDS system and adds:  “The solution for our new partner logically completes our offer options for companies from the banking and finance sector.”
A Flexible System

Schufa DDS has been designed like a typical Decision Engine. It is a flexible system, which is designated for support of decision-making by evaluating input data from the customer and for the evaluation of applications via set regulations, scores and calculations. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the end user can implement standard risk management methodology based on business rules, calculations, scorecards. The system offers batch evaluations and step-by-step calculation checks for modification testing.  All of these functionalities are available in German, English and now in Czech as well.
Wide Usage

The beauty of DSS lies in its wide spectrum of usage – from on-line real-time processing of strategy to batch file evaluation. It is because of this that the system can be used for credit evaluations as well as for monitoring or recalculating mass data.

ARBES Technologies is implementing the above-mentioned solution and sets the risk management methodology. The intuitive designer is a large advantage since a trained business and risk analyst on the client-side can easily operate it, providing the client maximum flexibility and independence from the IT provider when making changes.

ARBES Covers Financial Institutions’ IT Needs

The DDS system thus fits perfectly among ARBES Technologies products, which comprise of the following systems and solutions: ARBES OBS (core banking and multichannel solution), ARBES BPM (proposal and support of business processes), ARBES ECM (content management and document management system), ARBES TOPAS (a system for portfolio administration and trading on capital and money markets) and ARBES TA (a system for the management of share certificates).  These systems all cover a significant part of IT solutions that banks, leasing companies, credit unions and other financial institutions require.