ARBES Technologies, the prominent supplier of software solutions for banks and financing institutions, and the IT laboratory for the students of the College of Banking have prepared for the visitors of this year’s Gaudeamus education fair the opportunity to try out a unique simulator of banking operations. Using a simulator, the visitors of the fair had the chance to test the security of banking information systems, or to test the products of the bank from the point of view of its operator. The education fair was held in Prague on January 27 and 28, 2015.

Not only does ARBES Technologies provide this simulator for the College of Banking, but as of the 2013/2014 academic year, the company has provided the College with its ARBES OBS banking system, used to improve the quality of education supplied by the school.

The simulator is a copy of the state of the art ARBES OBS environment. Using the system, the students are able to try out a number of banking operations in a realistic environment – from setting up a current or a savings account, to paying off credit products. Moreover, the system allows for an interesting simulation of non-standard states, in which the students can try to “hack into” a fictitious bank, thereby testing its security features. Students can also try to service their own products through the internet banking application from the point of view of an operator at the bank who processes their commands in the system designed by ARBES Technologies.

“ARBES Technologies has been developing its banking system for more than 20 years, and in 2014 the company decided to offer this product to the students of the College of Banking, in order to improve the quality of the education they are receiving,” Michal Houštecký, the Director of the Banking and Company Information Systems Division, explained and added: “What’s more, ARBES Technologies offers the best students internships, paid temp jobs and qualified opponent’s reviews of dissertations on related topics.”

According to Martina Mannová, the CEO of the College of Banking, no other university in the Czech Republic can currently offer its students to gain hands-on experience with such a banking information system.