A New Dimension to the ARBES Leasing System: Financial Services for Real Estate

Raiffeisen Leasing and Raiffeisen-Leasing Real Estate are companies, which merged their management and activities on the Czech leasing market at the beginning of 2012.  They have selected the ARBES Leasing information system for the support and automation of financed and operating lease processes as well as for financial services in real estate. The system went live in December 2012.

Raiffeisen-Leasing had been successfully using the ARBES Leasing solution from ARBES Technologies for many years prior to this. The company wanted to continue this long-term cooperation following the merge with Raiffeisen-Leasing Real Estate (RLRE) and that is why ARBES Technologies was asked to extend its current system to include an agenda for providing financial services for real estate. This meant extending the system to include a method for calculation financed leases with deposits, a so-called deposit model, which is generally used for various types of real estate financing — from leasing to the financing of the actual purchase of real estate, through to the financing of greenfield construction projects including the purchase of the land and financing the construction itself.  The Casfhlow Manager module has been extended to include support for monitoring total investment costs during real estate construction and the Accounting module now includes support of Cash pooling, which is used to optimize cash flow between individual RLRE companies.

“During the solution selection process it was paramount for both companies that our system is able to manage several companies within one shared database.  This feature was useful for the needs of RLRE, which is divided into almost 70 companies that carry out transactions with each other as well as during the actual merge with Raiffeisen-Leasing,” stated Tomáš Denemark, Director of the Business and Financial Systems Divison at ARBES Technologies.

Speed was essential for the duration of the project since both companies required a smooth and immediate transfer to shared processes including shared information systems.  Thanks to its technical advancement, modularity and a wide spectrum of parameterization options it was possible to easily set up the ARBES Leasing system to match this new criteria thereby paving the way for a smooth integration of both companies.

About ARBES Leasing

ARBES LEASING is an advanced and comprehensive information system which is primarily intended for leasing and credit companies. Using this product allows companies to manage the entire agenda of financial and operating leases, various types of loans and installment sales. Its advantage is a high level of automation of routine activities, maximum user-friendliness and transparency of all processes.

About Raiffeisen – Leasing and Raiffeisen – Leasing Real Estate
Raiffeisen – Leasing is a universal leasing company, which provides a comprehensive financial products for companies and individuals. It has been active on the Czech market as part of the Austrian Raiffeisen financial group since 1994. For more information please go towww.rl.cz.

Raiffeisen – Leasing Real Estate has been on the Czech leasing market since 2001 and specializes in real estate financing.  For more information please go to www.rlre.cz.