A-Mail for Jira


Plugin A-Mail for Jira is a powerful email solution for Jira. The plugin has standalone IMAPS and SMTP(S) client – these clients are totally separated (= isolated) from Jira Mail handlers.

Plugin’s IMAPS client regularly checks defined mailbox for emails – emails are deleted from the mailbox and imported to Jira:

If an email subject contains “(ISSUE)” – without apostrophes, with brakes, for example: “Hello World (TEST-1)”, the email is added to the existing issue. Otherwise: If an email subject contains non-existing issue or doesn’t contain brakes, etc. … a new issue is created by the plugin in the default project (defined in A-Mail plugin configuration).

Plugin’s SMTP client is used for sending emails directly from Jira issues. Emails can be sent to any email addresses.

The A-Mail for Jira plugin has fully featured email client with support:

  • email headers, images, attachments,
  • download email sources (= eml files),
  • simple reply and forward emails directly from Jira issues.



Documentation_1.0.8 (pdf)

Documentation_2.0.2 (pdf)


EULA (pdf)