Cover Your GDPR Agenda with ARBES MONITOR™

ARBES Technologies, a leading Czech supplier of information systems has introduced ARBES MONITOR – a brand new solution to handle GDPR compliance. ARBES MONITOR will effectively help manage business processes related to the GDPR and will simplify DPO’s activities (Data Protection Officer).

ARBES MONITOR is intended for any type of company that works with client data. It aids these companies process client requests and makes the work of the DPO – persons entrusted with protecting personal data – much easier. The solution also contains support for protecting rights of natural persons. It allows one to enter input data necessary for applying a right, to generate relevant documents and notifications, to create user tasks for specific persons that figure in the processes and all this in a user-friendly user web interface. ARBES MONITOR is especially useful for DPOs because it allows them to see all the requests at once and to display an audit record for each one, using that record to see the resolution of a specific request over time. The DPO can also keep a DPO journal in the application and can run the data leak escalation process.

One of the biggest impacts of the EU regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) is a significant increase of the rights of natural persons. These include a right to access, edit and delete personal data, right to limit their processing and portability as well as the right to object. “Here is an example of how to exercise one of these rights: a client of a bank or an insurance company arrives at a branch without giving a specific reason and requests a list of all his personal data in the systems of the company. Then he asks them to delete that data. After the request is received, the company has 30 days to comply with the client’s request,” describes Tomáš Štalmach from ARBES Technologies.

Since the IT ecosystems of financial institutions are very complex and often comprise dozens of systems, complying with such a request is no small feat. No one can say how many such requests will have to be made each month – there could be just a few but perhaps also dozens or hundreds. Without the necessary tools, however, it will be very complicated to comply with such requests as per the GDPR.

ARBES MONITOR is an application that can be fully parameterized allowing its users to simply change specific processes, modify document templates and email notifications as needed. ARBES MONITOR can also be connected to certain RPA solutions (Robotic Process Automation) to increase effectives. The application can also be integrated with other systems and can receive requests from applications used by customer care operators for example. ARBES MONITOR reports contain a heatmap of individual activities from the process, where you can readily see areas that need to be made more effective or automated.


About ARBES Technologies

ARBES Technologies was founded in 1991. During its many years of operations, ARBES has gained prolific experience in the area of design, development and software solution support.  The portfolio of information systems of ARBES Technologies thus includes comprehensive and state-of-the art solutions for retail and private banking, investment portfolio administration, security trading, administration and distribution of open mutual funds, financial leasing and a solution for enterprise content management and business process management.  Since 2011 ARBES has also been developing a solution for content management and business process support on the Alfresco and Documentum platforms. Starting in 2014 ARBES also delivers complete solutions for leasing companies, it integrates biometric signatures and monitors new trends in technology and includes them in its solutions.

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